Monday, May 30, 2016

George Ezra - Blind Man in Amsterdam

Quick AK Update...

By American Kabuki

Just a quick update to let you know the graduation went well.  My daughter has her diploma and is enjoying the summer and preparing for grad school.   Thank you all  so much for helping make that trip possible!

The trip went very well, I decided to return early given the predicted weather in Texas and the difficulty navigating central Texas roads in rain   When I left I was in the most intense rain/hail storm of my life in Brady Texas, and had to park under a gas station canopy to keep the rental car from being destroyed.   The rain did not arrive for two days after my return, and its pretty much been raining off and on since.   The grass seed I planted on the property here is sprouting and getting close to needing a haircut.  Good weather for growing grass, humid and hot, but today is pretty cool compared to what it has been.

Texas has a been a learning experience.  Some of the stereotypes hold true like pickup trucks and ranches, and lots of cows.  Ranch life or its suburban equivalent is pretty much the norm in this part of Texas.  Pretty obvious why everyone has a pickup truck and nobody seems to sell them.  They just kind of stay in the family forever.    What I have found a bit odd, compared to California, is you may have a guy living in in a mobile home (excuse me... "manufactured home") driving a $50,000 pickup truck with a turbo Cummins diesel engine in it and dual wheels in the back.


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