Tuesday, May 10, 2016

As We Shift - Humanity Rocks!

Each day I find myself deep inside the journey of our awakening, and it brings up just how much we’ve been through.  Today’s post is a warm, celebratory hug.  We did it.

As some of you know, I’m releasing a book soon that spans the 3+ year long  relationship/conversation that took place over you tube and email with a Guardian/Executioner turned Executive (G/E).  The time span it covers is Spring 2012 through Summer 2015.  The book should be released by early summer 2016!

Are we free yet?  Well, how do you feel?  Freedom begins in an unfettered heart.  The energy emitted from the 2012 posts is vastly more encumbered and confused than from the 2015 posts.  Together we pulled each other along, shared our “aha” moments and told our stories.  We woke up.

We may not be utilizing free energy or food replicators today – but we know they exist and are expecting them.  In 2012 we barely believed any of this was real.

Humanity’s brilliance is oozing out all over this shift.  It is not being done according to anyone’s rules but our own.  And why?  Because we get it.

Even if our knowledge is unspoken, we can’t help but “walk our talk”. The thing the Creator of all things counted on is our Unity.  It’s like we’ve been working in a dark room for eons – not getting very far, never giving up, listening only to those loudest voices and brightest flashing pictures coming from “Corporate Control”. 

The lights are on now and we see each other; we are coordinating our movements and making actual progress, while barely acknowledging those lights and loudspeakers.

Oneness was never a question; awareness was.  We are aware.  With awareness comes responsibility to take part in how things happen.  You know just what things you are to collaborate on and will soon figure out with whom. With the lights on now, it’s easier to see each other.

It is you who turned those lights on; every one of you had to be there.  You may have provided a hand up to the guy who finally reached the switch, or just told enough people that the switch existed – but you were necessary either way.

You cannot stop a human.  You can try and in your delusion you may even believe you’ve succeeded – but that success is short lived.  We feel our oneness and it drives everything that matters.

We are inevitably willing to go the extra mile, risk our lives and fortunes for the greater good.  This is why we are at this now moment.  With mini disclosure events happening within every system, our visible enlightenment is so close you can feel it.

You did this.  Your faith and determined resolution has guaranteed the best scenario.

It’s an honor to witness.  Many of us, who’ve felt we “weren’t from here”, are now certain they came to offer and maintain an alternative vision for humanity.  Only a few years ago we may have felt ready to go back (to wherever it is we felt we belonged).  Yet today, with time and a deepening respect and affection – we are grateful.  Humanity Rocks.

A gradual emerging equality has squeezed out Agape.  The more our true selves are showing, the deeper in love I fall – with everyone.  In some magical, mystical way the energies are bringing forth unity expressed. 

This is not a “cloned” similarity but a human one; which means that we will stand side by side with nothing in common and unite in our desire for love and life – in our hearts. We are one, expressed as many.  This multiplies, not divides, our power. 

This is the reason you stand there today.  To join hands with those you already share a heart with – and answer.  The answer is yes – you are free. 

It’s time to out-shout corporate media.  Join Corey Goode at 11:11 each day and focus on Full Disclosure.  Join Steven Greer and throw a few dollars to his upcoming film “Unacknowledged” – which will end ufo and free energy secrecy. In our unity we demonstrate our greatest power. 

This is why we are here now.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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Gaia Portal: Storms of compliance erupt, then fade

This is one of those rare Gaia Portals portending the future. Usually these are about what has just occurred. -AK

Storms of compliance erupt, then fade
by √ČirePort

Storms of compliance erupt, then fade.

Collective fears are viewed, then released.

Emanations of Inner Greatness of Spirit come to the fore.

Posthumous ramblings comply.

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