Saturday, February 27, 2016

Updated 2/24/16: Unexpected Situation. Assistance Requested.

Update 2/24/16 Thought I should thank everyone for helping it's much appreciated, far too many to thank individually, we just might make the goal yet. I love you all, you have no idea how much. I forget at times how many readers there are!

We suddenly lost our housing in the Alps.  The short notice was strategically done to cause maximum inconvenience and expense right after the Chinese New Year and the attempt to phoenix the financial and control systems. We have known for some time who the woman behind this move works for and what secret society.

I am grateful to the beautiful beings who housed us and understand the family pressures they face at this time.

I focus on moving forward. The others have documents to live in Italy  I am a tourist. I need to raise an esitmated $3000 to get back to the USA, which is currently the only known option. If you can help there's a Paypal button on the right. Even small donations add up.

In deep gratitude and love to you all.

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