Friday, February 5, 2016

Lisa Gawlas: The Original Earth Impregnating ALL
Open and Ready on the New Expanded Earth!!

There's a lot of symbols and mentions in here that trigger a lot of inner codices in me. The bubbles (spheres) the current "soap bubble realm" we inhabit, and the "New Earth". There's even a reference to Shambala which is something that has come onto my plate via the curious "Chinese" messages that came thru Denice (I'll be posting more on what we know about that shortly). 

 I haven't posted much from Lisa Gawlas, but I know she's popular among many of my blog readers. If you haven't read her stuff follow the link to her blog for some interesting metaphysical insights as to what is happening. She's quite accurately reading the quantum field at this time. -AK

The Original Earth Impregnating ALL Open and Ready on the New Expanded Earth!!
 by Lisa Gawlas

Reunion Island… gotta love the name, image and fusion of today’s sharing!!

I knew something big must have been underfoot when half way thru my blog on the 2nd, my brain crashed.  Hell it was only 6am and I had only been up for 2 hours, it didn’t matter, the rest of the day I was akin to quicksand.  When I woke up yesterday and sat down to share, nothing came out.  Even the things I knew I hadn’t shared yet went rolling back deep in my mind to the unfindable zone.

Fine!!  I’ll start catching up on emails, a very daunting task!!

However, before I get into the wonders of yesterday on the field, I want to start this out with a precious soul who has signed up with me to assist her with meditation, navigating and harvesting information that would help her find her footing and her passion in this new world from the inside out.

I gave her the meditation class to start working with, helping to see and hear and experience. What she shared is from class three, building your personal soul gym, in which we started with 5 very specific rooms to see and understand beyond your self.  She went from I can’t to freakin rock star rather quickly and I want to share the email she sent me the other day, to give not only hope to all of you working within, but excitement too.  It actually all does fit into what I seen and understood in yesterday’s series of readings:

You asked me to tell you what I get in meditation about how to use the genesis cells so here it is. 
In meditation I went into the bioengineering room and asked for more information on getting and using genesis cells.  I then, at your recommendation, opened a new room off of it called genesis cell room.  It contained a lot of balls about 4” in diameter.  The balls were mostly white but there were a few red and a few yellow too. I remember starting to see them when we talked on Friday.  As I was attracted to the balls individually, I’d take it in my hand and squish it into my body.  I squished them in wherever I wanted to be new again; my face, eyes, belly etc. etc.  I continued squishing them in and feeling their energy throughout the day.  Their energy was especially strong if I focused on them while also touching myself, like when I put cream on my face and lotion on my arms and legs.  I also get I can activate them when I exercise and a muscle feels uncomfortable.  I can just send their energy into it. 
Then in meditation this morning, I got that my next step is to take these changes into the discarding room and let go of all the old cells that are not serving me in the way that I want and fill the space they leave with genesis cells.  Next, walk into the new attire room and allow the energy of that room to help me activate them.  When I focus on them I only feel them in the right side of my brain, but if I put my hands on my face, belly, arms, legs, etc. I can feel them where ever I touch while focusing on them.  
While writing this my “guys” are telling me that then I need to go to the library room and learn more about them and how to use them.  Also, to go to the viewing room and see myself in this more alive body.  Here I started to write renewed body and my team said no, not renewed and they finally allowed “more alive”.  I am not sure that fully describes it so I’ll keep searching for the right words to describe the changes. I sense I will eventually end up in the special talent room finding out how to implement these new cells in my healing or new special talent. I am already starting to see the “work” people should be doing that will make their heart sing. 
For me this is pretty exciting stuff and exactly what I wanted!  Feel free to try it and share if you want. 
Much love and appreciation for your help, 
I will come back to that “more alive” expression in a bit.  How all this really started to drop into place on my 2 hour round trip drive to the dentist yesterday.

My first reading of the day, holy frustrated excitement batman.  With everything within me, I so wish I could show you in the true light of my vision, how extraordinary the field of light is now, sadly, you are still stuck with my words.  Dammit!

The air itself was not clear but instead carried a golden/bronze hue to it.  Directly in the center of her field was a line, maybe like a magnetic pole or something that went from the ground upwards about 10-15 feet (always going to the scale of my vision) and then this line started to open up like a V.  In the center part of the V opening, the clarity of airspace, I am not even sure how to describe it.  The golden/bronze stayed to the outside of the V and inside it was like High Def on steroids, clearer and sharper than any vision I had ever experienced, in life or in the field.

Clear across the field, in the west area, a well-lit planet was rising, because of the shading on the planet I assumed it was the moon, but I don’t want to make any assumptions especially when we had such a shift from the 1st of February.  I didn’t hear a sound from the field, and let me tell you, I was begging for audio.  I could see this imagery, I could feel it to my core, but I didn’t understand what I was seeing and what it meant to my lady.

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