Saturday, September 5, 2015

Message from Denice

Denice has asked that no more personal data questions be sent to her.  She's a school teacher and school has started so she's busy teaching for the school year.  She's a good transcriber, and handled mountains of data during the summer, and myriads of emails from people, but she does have a family life too.

Its only a matter of weeks that you'll be able to ask the Sphere Alliance directly about any questions who have and you won't have to go through a human conduit as an intermediary.  And frankly I think that will be a better approach "to get it straight from the horses mouth" as the American idiom goes.
Be open to surprises of all the roles you have played in your  multidimensional existence, and maybe even a few that you thought you did, but really never did.   The biggest issue that cropped up with this data has been the reactions of people who thought they were some being of history and then were told they were not, or they thought they knew the role someone else played and it was other than the data said.  And I don't know what to but say except, keep an open mind in all this. Its data, use it or reject it, its your choice.

I have a few more posts of data that is backlogged in all the data that came out, My sense of it all right now is that even our interaction was a necessary interim measure, so we could rapidly clear out some remaining blocks to the new Earth that has arrived and is now inner-grating energetically.  It was a very fruitful cooperation and I send the Sphere Alliance our love and gratitude for sharing their remote sensing abilities and data collection and making it available to us. Our interactions with the Sphere Alliance will be soon face to face for us as well.   And that's the way it should be.  All the "densities/dimensions" are merging into ONE were we can all interact without hierarchy or boundaries.

My focus is shifting to the remain internal work in myself that  I need to do to be all that I AM, so that I can interact directly with them in all states of consciousness. Heather has done this routinely for many years. So can I, just have to activate it from inside and accept that is natural. My confidence has grown considerably after recent events.

I have also had some private telepathy training exercises the S.A.  I wasn't very good at it at first, but within a few days it really clicked in.  Telepathy is a bit different than what we call ICOMMs.  The emotional content is much richer in ICCOMS, but the Galactics are new to ICOMMS heart communications and more familiar with Telepathy which is based in the mental pineal complex of the brain.  They are both useful tools. ICCOMS is superior in emotional content and nobody can intercept it, as it goes thru I AM. I had one session with AnDREAS when she sent me an image, which just put me in tears of joy and love.  There's no way that was telepathy that I sensed, that was ICOMMS.  The richness in emotional content is qualitatively different.  Heather describes telepathy as a megaphone shouting, and ICOMMS as a warm conversation.

The Galactics are much different than they have been painted by movies or the new age movement, they are emotional, creative, and also at times very witty and funny.

Skye and I have had a huge laugh with Thor who is a kilt wearing Andromedan Celt,  and a bit like Billy Connelly (same hair too but more black than grey) and with with a cleaner mouth, but every bit as funny and in your face as Billy Connelly.  I'll try to post some of the telepathy training sessions I have had with him, the stuff he comes up with to send as telepathy training images is very funny indeed.
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