Friday, June 12, 2015

Arcturians: Climbing the Stairway

Climbing the Stairway
The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family
as channeled by Susan Lie Ph.D.

Beloved Ones,

You are ALL creating your New Home on New Earth. Your new home may be on new Earth, your new starship assignment, and/or your new Lightbody. In fact, you are all building your NEW LIFE thought-by-thought and emotion-by-emotion. 

Within this NOW, your consciousness is continuing to expand into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions. Hence, your expanded powers of multidimensional manifestation are coming online. Therefore, as you continue to download and integrate the return to your fifth dimensional SELF, you must especially be aware of your every thought and emotion.

When you were resonating to a lower frequency of light, it took a long "time" for your conscious and un-conscious self to manifest the thought-forms that you consciously, or unconsciously, created. It took more "time" for your thought-forms to manifest because they were created within time.

Now, your super-conscious thoughts and multi-dimensional emotions are seeping into your 3D brain. Therefore, your thought-forms are immediately returning to you in various stages of manifestation. The term, "what you think about, you bring about," will exponentially expand. 

This expansion will progress as your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies. Once you create your thought-forms while in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you leave time to function within the NOW.

Within that NOW, you will create, perceive, and/or receive information that resonates from the NOW of the ONE. This information is free of ALL polarity, and beyond the 3D judgments of good or bad, beyond all illusions of separation and individual thoughts and/or emotions.

The term "individual" will slip from your vocabulary once you have fully logged-out of the 3D Matrix. When you create your reality in this manner, you create a lattice, a "Jacob's Ladder," into the higher dimensions of reality.

This "Jacob's Ladder" is the unity of all the dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF held together by the outsides of the ladder, which reminds you of the polarized reality you are releasing.

This ladder is an "internal ladder," which will infinitely expand into higher and higher dimensions, as you calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies of reality.

You will expand your consciousness by continually clearing the lower frequency illusions of separation from your earth vessel, neighborhood, city, state, country, hemisphere, and the entire planet.

You, beloved ONES, are our "clean up crew" who has enough freedom from ego that you can clean up the mess that someone else made. You are free of ego, so you have no need to judge the ones who made the mess.

War-Weary Ukraine Shutters Cash-Starved Banks as Trust Falls

War-Weary Ukraine Shutters Cash-Starved Banks as Trust Falls
by Volodymyr VerbyanyAndras Gergely
June 11, 2015 — 11:00 PM CEST
Updated on June 12, 2015 — 8:54 AM CEST

When Vasyl Klos plunked $9,000 into a bank branch in his hometown of Lviv, Ukraine, in 2013, he assumed it was safe because it was German owned. He was wrong.

Bank Forum JSC had already been sold by Commerzbank AG to Ukrainian businessman Vadim Novinsky, a fact Klos only found out as he completed the deposit. He decided it was too late to back out, but within a year, Forum was declared insolvent and the cash was returned to him in hryvnia, whose later plunge cut the value of his original deposit by about half. The experience has left him poorer, but wiser.

“I’m not going to open any more deposit accounts until the economy stabilizes,” said Klos, a 33-year-old field researcher. “And even then, I would only put money in a foreign-owned bank.”

As if fighting a year-long war against pro-Russian separatists wasn’t enough, Ukraine is also scrambling to shore up a banking system that’s bleeding assets amid a tumbling economy, wavering talks with creditors about overdue debt and skyrocketing inflation, which the central bank estimates will end this year at between 45 percent and 50 percent. A run of liquidations has shaken consumers’ confidence in the often mismanaged financial institutions they once trusted to protect their money.
Insolvency Wave

Since 2014, the central bank has declared a quarter of the former Soviet republic’s 180 domestic banks insolvent, liquidated 37 of them as of the end of May and earmarked 36 billion hryvnia ($1.7 billion) for bailouts this year alone.

Cleaning up the troubled banks, left with insufficient supervision for years, has been a painful process as the country fights rebels in a conflict that’s killed at least 6,400 and displaced 1 million citizens. Thousands of Ukrainians and some oligarchs, such as egg magnate Oleg Bakhmatyuk and chemical tycoon Dmitry Firtash, saw some of their assets vanish as banks were declared insolvent.

The cleanup is needed to “rebuild people’s trust in banks,” said Anastasia Tuyukova, an analyst at Dragon Capital investment company in Kiev. “This is a step they should have made in 2008-2009, but didn’t.”

The reorganization is also designed to cut reliance on the public purse at a time when the government is trying to restructure $23 billion in sovereign debt.

The affected banks, ranging from small players to the country’s fourth-largest, Delta Bank, have suffered from their inability to drum up enough capital in the economy expected to contract 9 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund’s forecast. Many of the smaller banks only served affiliated businesses and ran into troubles when debtors didn’t repay loans.

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