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Honesty, Obedience, Fidelity...Love?

So, how do you love under any circumstance? Without opinion or expectation, disappointment or judgment? What does love like that look like?

If your love is conditional, then by definition you require those conditions to be met for it to continue. This is how conditions actually work. This physical life is conditional. It requires oxygen. If you take away my oxygen, I no longer have it. I die.

What about the conditions we place on our love relationships? Love may be withdrawn if the following are not met within them:
  • Honesty - truthfulness
  • Obedience - dutiful compliance
  • Fidelity - strict observance of promises
When one or more of these conditions is not met – does the love stop? What unmet condition is capable of stopping a force such as love?

I submit to you an idea that there are none. Love cannot die. Relationships may end, and in truth, through choice, death or circumstance all of them do, but the love? It exists eternally. This love is the force of creation.

This love is the initiatory spark of your existence – it is the essence of source – it is eternal.

How is it possible to stop such power? It is not, we have confused love with many things. Honesty, fidelity and obedience may be necessary qualities in your medical, military and financial advisors, but they are not qualities of love. The reasons they aren’t? Love is not orderly, strict or precise. It is not a pie with evenly sized slices. It is a garden – a huge mess of wildflowers sprawled out on a hill.

We love because that is what we are.

Love is both a noun and a verb.

Love holds no quarrels.

Love has no empty spots.

Love casts no judgments.

Love demands no payment.

Love follows no rules.

Love asks for nothing.

Love is only given, it cannot be taken. For to take something leaves a spot empty, and love is always there.

We do not take love, we only notice it.

We allow love to be.

It is everywhere.

There is freedom in agape. We have spoken before of the fact of our unity. If there is anger in our mind, we may feel it in our gut. It is the same with love. You cannot confine one part of love and have the rest free. Love is either free or conditional.

You may choose a conditional relationship – that is neither loving nor unloving, it is merely your choice. You cannot choose conditional love, not really. Well you can, but it will show up all over your life and in all of your relationships of love.

You see, if you place conditions on the allowing of your love – it is you that suffers. For love is what you are, and by doing so you are just stopping your own flow – the flow of you.

What is at the core of our deepest beliefs about love is an imprint we received as children. Whether through family, church, school or society we’ve gotten the message that
  1. Love has rules and they are:
  2. You must –
    1. Obey
    2. Make and keep promises
    3. Tell the truth
If these things were not present, then there was no love for your parents or your god or your country. Eventually we grew up and added – your spouse.

We look for validation from others, and like empty cups seek only to be filled. The love we see ourselves getting from them or not getting from them is a label we came up with when we were 5 years old.

Love is not a label. It is not as malleable as honesty or promises or obedience.

My son was about 3 at the time, very bright and a literal thinker. We were eating dinner, having a Friday night picnic on our living room rug on paper plates. There were fresh made cookies for dessert.

After a few minutes, and not much dinner, he asked for a cookie. “You can have a cookie after your chicken is all gone” I told him. He looked at me, got up and walked into the kitchen. He didn’t say a word. The rest of us looked at each other. We heard the garbage can pop open and snap shut. A moment later he returned, without his dinner plate, looked at me and said “My chicken is gone. Can I have a cookie?” We cracked up. He got a cookie.

Honesty is relative. It is not the same as Truth. The truth about love is that you can ignore and even deny it – but you will never stop it. There are no conditions capable of altering truth or stopping it. Love is what you are. You therefore always recognize it. It is what you do.

Think about the freedom that is possible with unrestricted expression of you. Your heart will burst with both the joy and the pain of it – such will be your life. This is the life you are here to explore; the freedom we are here to discover. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

See you tomorrow,



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Solar Update


through Marlene Swetlishoff

April 5- 12, 2015

Beloved Ones,

These are times of great import which are also a great opportunity to impress upon the ethers surrounding the Earth with the intention of the kind of world that you desire to live on; for yourselves, your loved ones and humanity in general. Those of you who are practicing (and practical) wielders of the energy of love, light, healing and peace can magnify these positive energies through your powerful intent. Take a moment to intend that all of the loving, uplifting and happy energies of the current times be magnified a thousandfold and that they be maintained and sustained permanently upon the planet. Let every moment of joy and happiness you experience be dedicated to the upliftment of all upon your planet. May all that lives, breathes and has life on this sweet Earth be blessed beyond measure with every good thing!

As you allow your divine essence to fill those spaces within you which are being cleared, you are becoming an ever greater light in the world. Your calm and peaceful presence has an impact on everyone and everything within your own sphere of influence. Your smile can make a world of difference in someone’s life today. As your increased light radiates outward into the world, it connects with others upon the crystalline grid and this activity begins a chain reaction in an ever widening circle of connection. Each pure and loving heart adds to this energy of the greater whole, the collective energy of the consciousness of humanity. This is how positive change is taking place upon your planet. As humanity begins to experience a more exalted and uplifted state of being, they make the choice to never go back to the world of suffering and pain again; instead they feed the new energy with their own loving intentions and choose to live in a state of balance and harmony, for they understand how important it is for the good of all.

Each person has this ability to create what they truly desire in their lives. Each person is the creator of their own reality. Each person must take personal responsibility for that which they put out into the world. One’s output of focus and energy will reflect back to them that which they put out into the world and this knowing will become ever clearer in each person’s daily life. We stress the importance of this understanding to permeate your conscious awareness. It is an awareness filled with initial challenges as you strive to transform your thoughts, words and deeds but as you work patiently upon your self, you will find it becoming much easier as you move forward into the new experiences of sustained happiness and joy in your every day lives. As you emit these higher frequencies, those around you are also catalyzed to reconnect to their own divine essence.

As each person chooses to stay in the integrity of their true selves - their joyful and illumined selves - many of the worlds current problems will be resolved in a peaceful manner. The interactions between the world’s inhabitants will embody and reflect the respect of knowing that all living beings upon the planet originate from the same Source. It becomes more difficult to deny that this is so as this awareness unfolds. Peace and sister/brotherhood becomes more embedded in the consciousness of all. The desire to be a person of goodwill and high integrity will take root within every human heart. As each person sees the living proof of this awareness being enacted between the members of the inhabitants of the planet, it comes into a natural acceptance as the new way of being.

The way forward to a peaceful world is unfolding at an accelerated pace. As more individuals connect to the inner knowing which comes from thinking with their hearts rather than their minds, they release the state of fear and illusion that their human ego has kept them in and they see that the world can be a safe and happy place for all. Quality of life and living becomes the new focus and intent of the majority of humanity and this awareness raises the bar for everyone.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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