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WINGMAKERS’ MYTHOLOGY: The Story of the Central Race

The Story of the Central Race

— By Teka Luttrell —


he Central Race is the most ancient in the universe, as they are the first, original beings created by God (First Source). This race of beings were created sequentially — in seven stages — based on seven distinct archetypal qualities of First Source. Consequently, the Central Race consists of seven families, known as the Tribes of Light.

  The Story of the Central Race
Radiant beings of the Central Race are eternal souls who inhabit refined bodies made of pure light — they are the children of God — “God fragments” you might say. They are first-generation, soulful embodiments of First Source, Itself, and are living beacons of love, light, wisdom and power. (Using your imagination they may appear as luminous, holographic, light-filled entities ... the light streaming from them in smooth pulsating waves of unfathomable splendor.)

Only rarely mentioned in mythology, the Tribes of Light have been recorded in the stories on Earth by the names Elohim, The Angelic Hosts and/or the Shining Ones. These luminous entities appear to us as being Gods, but they are actually US — they are our past and future selves. This may seem to be a contradiction, but I will clarify this point as this essay unfolds.

The structure of the physical universe and the original home of the Central Race

Structure of Physical UniverseThe material abode of First Source is called the Central Universe and it lays at the heart of the Grand Physical Universe. Expanding out from the home of First Source are seven distinct Super Universes that comprise the vast realms of Creation.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, and our physical universe which is home to trillions of galaxies and numerous major and minor dimensions ... are all in the Seventh Super Universe.

You may now see a symmetry developing ... There are seven Tribes of Light families composing the Central Race, and seven Super Universes. Each Super Universe has a Central Race family associated with it, and each families’ influence is projected throughout its universe.

The native homes to the Central Race families are represented by the red dots in the graphic on page 5, and you can see that they encircle the outer fringe of the Central Universe. Their sanctuaries are the central-most galaxies in the universe and barely in the realms of time and space. These spectacular places have been hinted at by the greatest mystics to ever grace the earth, to be realms of incomprehensible beauty, harmonic cosmic symphonies, and saturated with infinite love through and through.

In their native homes, souls of the Central Race are One with God and each other, and infinite gratitude permeates the entire realm. They radiate with the understanding that the core essence of every individuated being is that of First Source and we eternally share Its essence in non-time and non-space. They know that all beings in Creation originated from the home of First Source — the Central Universe — and they see the primary identity of every being as a SECU ... a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe.

Even though stars and galaxies are separated by immense physical distances, each Super Universe is a cornucopia life. On a cosmic scale, intelligent life is common and diverse, and deeply interconnected through energy, DNA and quantum networks that make time and space no barrier at all.

All beings of the Central Race are created using the same genetic template as all humanoid life within the 7th Superuniverse. This template is interconnected and does not relate on an evolutionary scale so much as a density scale. The density of vibration of one planet within the 7th Superuniverse is unique, and it is this vibratory soup that prescribes how the template is expressed, which defines the propensities and capacities of the human instruments that are native to the specific planet. The Central Race are the geneticists and property managers for human DNA and are responsible for its distribution and growth in the ever-expanding universe.

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