Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attention Deficit or Attention Excess?

My son just returned from a 500+ mile canoe trip which ended north of the Arctic Circle.  He talks about his concept of time and how the experience completely altered it.  This 45 day trip occurred out of “time”.  It exists as a whole; separate and without any connection to this life he’s just returned to.

I am reading the series of Carlos Castaneda books.  In them, he refers to remembering his “lessons” which occurred not here, but in a place he refers to as his “second attention”.  You may call it another dimension or beyond the veil.  He too, mentions how when the memories come, they are not recalled in a linear fashion.  They occur as a single unit, as if happening all at once.  The memory brings with it immediate presence – the feelings, sounds, tastes and sensations.  It is as if it is happening right now.

“Time” is of this “dimension”.  When life is reduced to simply living it, time is perhaps not necessary as a form of measurement.  It has become here a severe task master.  We run out of it, race to beat it; fight its appearance on our bodies and in many ways feel run by its movement.  It tells us when we can play, work, sleep and eat.  We feel cheated or guilty by taking too much or too little of it.  Yet it is all illusion, measured by mechanical movements on a clock. 

What else is controlling our lives?  We travelled to the northern most part of the United States to retrieve our son after his adventure.  Here we notice less visible control.  Construction crews working on roads with perhaps a few orange cones to alert oncoming drivers.  This, in sharp contrast to the Chicago area where red lights and speed limits are either “photo enforced” or “monitored by aircraft”. 

People smile and look you in the eyes up here.  They are the only eyes watching you.  With the time illusion a bit relaxed, you breathe a bit deeper and notice.

What is noticed is that our life is a construct of our perceptions and can be altered significantly by our surroundings.  In the Arctic this summer, these six boys were masters of their every day.  They were driven to decisions by weather, gear and their intended goal – to reach the Arctic Ocean.  It was to their advantage to notice the details; in fact, it was necessary.  They let everything in. 

What we found when meeting them again were vibrant, strong, powerful, joyful beings.  They positively glowed.  This is what sovereignty looks like.  These young men know that they can handle life under any circumstance.  They were strangers in June and a single unit in August.

This is Oneness.  It happens naturally if allowed.  If left to our own devices, it is the way we’d choose to orchestrate our life.

The difference between allowing and resisting can be equated to the difference between love and fear, or essence and ego.  The energy it takes to define and then resist, with a list full of reasons why it’s necessary to do so, is enormous.  Allowing is expansive while resistance contracts, pulls in and hides.  Allowing says “yes!” and produces growth while resisting halts further inquiry.  “Yes” is often much more fun than “no”.

It can become habit to say either initially.  Consciousness asks us to pay attention to our answers before they come out of our mouths.  Awareness means we take everything in.  Refusing nothing, the world becomes a feast for our eyes and our bodies.  We see it all.  Without holding an opinion about what has merit and what does not, we explore.  This is Attention Excess rather than Attention Deficit. 

The definition of deficit is “to fall short of the required amount”.  Required by whom and for what?  Required by a government system of education to define and refine what is taken in and how.  We are obedient students, never knowing what it is we are missing while we are following instructions, (see video). 

Since writing this post, I’ve seen the movie “Lucy”.  In it, Scarlett Johanssen makes the statement that without time to slow us down; we’d disappear into the everything (becoming light itself).  There is a vast difference between merely introducing time as a construct within which to experience life, and manipulating/controlling which experiences are had there.

Increased awareness/consciousness asks us to dance a new dance with time.  The old steps are no longer taking us anywhere. It is not your job to follow or lead, but to allow the dance to emerge. This is free style; it is synchronized beautifully.  Let it go.  What we’ll find is beyond our wildest imaginings. 

We’ll get there as One. Let’s dance. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.  




arcturianstelekinesisThe re-calibration of the hearts codices has been completed. A new reality has indeed been instituted into the present incarnation of human beings on GAIA. A new reality has weaved itself into the matrix of human earth and a new phase of restructuring has begun. The new phase of comprehending the subtle energies.  A new phase of telekinesis, has been ingrained into GAIA. Through the illusion of the veil of forgetfulness, the encodings have indeed been seeped into the reality structure of being. Allowing a varying degrees of “super human powers” to emerge from within the depths of your hearts. For the knowledge of “doing” has always been present in your subconscious, in the subatomic principles of your vehicles.

And so and thus by allowing the newly formed energies to fully bathe you in eternal understanding of informational decrees you shall be able to blossom into your true identities, withstanding all that may come, and much will. For as your newfound abilities are revealed to you, as you become comfortable with the new understanding of self, much shall shift not only within your own understanding and your own consciousness but of the entire human populace. And when such a shift occurs within your vessel, and within the vessels of those dwelling therein you shall discover a mirage of a reality of the past and a grounding of new principles by which humanity shall move into the next phase of this experiment.

And so the understanding of the operation of the human vehicle shall begin to emerge readily and fully into your realities. For the scientific principles on your present earthly planes, shall begin to catch up to the true potential of your vehicles. The experiments to hold the inert abilities of the heart scared until such time shall come, that the formula of life shall unfold before you.

And so, through the structural grids of you present reality, you have been able to achieve that which has not been possible in any other dimension, in any other universe and in any other timeline. For through the efforts that you have set forth, through the efforts that you have allowed to manifest into your reality, all of you have indeed made it possible to build a bridge into another reality. Not only to build a bridge, but activate the portals the corridors of time, and as such, the recalibration of time has began full force.

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