Saturday, August 9, 2014




My lifestyle, to some, is ever so strange. 
Something, they say, I should re-arrange. 
A "free spirit" they call me, because, I AM me. 
Yet, I amaze them with the things that I see.

THEY live a life of deadlines and hurry, 
Being on time, is their greatest worry. 
This one has ulcers, that one's a wreck!
 How can I sit there and say "what the heck?"
 I have this feeling, one that I trust, 
I will arrive, if, be there I must.
So much can happen in the blink of an eye.
That's all it takes... for someone to die!

THEY fret and they worry about what must be done.
Living a life that's "under the gun." 
Into their lives they cram what they can. 
Is "Hazel" created by waving a fan?

Why all this bussle and rushing around? 
Make one false move, you're flat on the ground! 
The one who tripped you, put out his boot, 
Has his hand in your pocket, searching for loot! 
Had you walked slowly, you'd have seen his big toe. 
"That's" something "rushers" never see, never know.

I used to be, as they are today.
Rushing so fast, I overran the play.
No time to stop and smell the flowers.
A day needed more than twenty-four hours.

One day it struck me, this "life" is a crime,
For my own funeral... I will be on time!!!

Being the best, in all that you do, 
Is a passion shared by so very few! 
We take the time to make sure it's right!
A thing not possible, when you are in flight.

When you rush through life, you never see,
All of God's beauty "It's only a tree."
The sensation of another, ever so fine,
"They're all the same, in the dark, with some wine!"
God created roses, their lines you can't trace.
"Cut that one down, it'll look good in a vase!"

I don't wear a watch, they don't know why. 
There's more to life, than to see it fly by!
 THEIR lives are structured by minutes and hours. 
MINE loves to watch, the blooming of flowers.

I'm not insane, nor am I lazy,
I just stopped... to smell the daisies.

—Tony Kopitch

In Loving Memory of

Tony's parents were Russian prisoners in Nazi Germany

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