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Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over ‘influence peddling’

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was being held today for questioning
over suspected influence-peddling, a legal source said. 


Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over ‘influence peddling’
Former French president allegedly kept tabs on inquiry into his links to Muammar Gadafy

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was being held today for questioning over suspected influence-peddling, a legal source said.

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Tue, Jul 1, 2014, 09:16
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Tue, Jul 1, 2014, 08:05

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was held today for questioning over suspicions that a network of informers kept him abreast of a separate inquiry into alleged irregularities in his 2007 election campaign, a legal source said.

It was the first time a former head of state had been held for questioning in modern French history. The conservative politician denies wrongdoing in a string of investigations which could derail his hopes of a come-back after his 2012 presidential election defeat by Francois Hollande.

Mr Sarkozy arrived early today to be questioned by investigators at their offices in Nanterre, west of Paris, after his lawyer was held for questioning yesterday.

Asked about the matter, French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said Mr Sarkozy was “subject to justice just like everyone else.”

“Justice authorities are investigating and have to go all the way,” he said.

The former leader is the focus of an investigation launched in February into whether he sought to use his influence to get information about a separate inquiry into allegations that late Libyan leader Muammar Gadafy funded his 2007 election campaign.

Investigators suspect Mr Sarkozy and his lawyer kept tabs on the case by using a network of well-connected informants, which only came to light following phone taps.

Mr Sarkozy has likened the magistrates behind the phone-tapping to the “Stasi” police of former Communist East Germany.

Two legal officers with prosecutor roles, Gilbert Azibert and Patrick Sassoust, are also being held for questioning. Investigators suspect Mr Sarkozy had sought to get Mr Azibert a promotion to Monaco in exchange for information.

The case is one of six legal investigations involving Mr Sarkozy, including a new one this year into separate irregularities in his unsuccessful 2012 election campaign.

The Choosing

If you focus only on life as you see depicted in your daily activities, it is only that world that you will conjure.  Your eyesight must withdraw from form as you know it, and tap deeply into other arenas.  These are places you have denied as real, perhaps disregarded them as dreams, yet all that you are capable of perceiving – is life.

You are life, drawn from the blueprint of Source itself.  How then could it be that anything you imagine is not life as well?

The fabric of existence is woven from luminescent fibers of what can loosely be labeled “thoughts”.  These ideas, or thoughts, spring from Source and are thus imbued with the very essence of creation, aka eternal essence.  All of life is an extension of life – how far backward or foreword it reaches is irrelevant.  The notion of before/after or first/last or older/newer is a nonsensical one.

It is akin to questioning the numeric value of love; an impossible quest.

Life is.  You are.  Expansion becomes the not completely satisfying way to express why we are here and how it all works.

If there is a reason for “the experiment” as it’s been called, and this ongoing emergence and awareness – it may be found perhaps in the word “stimulation”.  Contrast provides unending opportunities to inspire creation.

We are in many ways overwhelmed with stimulation here.  When beings come in, via channeling, they at first remark on how “wet” the body is, how distracting and crowded we are and how LOUD everything is.  These attributes exist regardless of sex, location or heritage – which provide a host of additional layers to these human suits.

Life is glorious, exciting, hideous and solitary.  It is accomplished in unison, as ONE; while every breath is taken alone.  As we develop the capacity to embody truth, we express eternity with every decision.

Choose who you are and the expression of your intent will be the only person looking back at you from the mirror.  Make the choice regardless of health or wealth or imagined happiness.  That choice is truly all that you have.

With every breath it is the choosing that emanates.  We see not your illness or your struggle but you in each interaction.  It is our deepest wish that you too recognize the magnificence of your truth.

For all of our differences, we become ONE in purpose.  We are here to express and expand the condition known as life.  All of our challenges yield growth; further our knowledge and lay groundwork for creation.  All of this, fueled by Source, the spark of love that makes it all possible.

Why have this conversation?  To introduce an idea that all of our moments hold equal importance and relevance.  There is no such thing as before or after.

You are already enlightened, healed, expanded, ascended and multi-dimensional.  This ride was so good that you are right now focused on it again; like re-living a spectacular afternoon.  There is no other more powerful or perfect for this moment than you.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Aisha North: A Short Update on the Energies


A short update on the energies
By Aisha North

Here we are again, ready and eager to impart another message into your being. For here you all stand, ready and poised to take this whole operation to a very new level. For you have all been anointed dear ones, as is only right, for you are indeed the bringers of the dawn and the keepers of the light, and now you are all set to set this world fully ablaze with your very presence in this human body and with your very presence in every corner of this globe. For as you move about, the light is literally following in your footsteps, and as you move about, you are setting off a veritable firestorm of ignitions behind you. And this goes for the entirety of your journey in this mortal coil as the saying goes. For this is indeed a multi-level event, and this encompasses so much more than your current geolocation and your current timeline. For through this, a whole new spectrum of vibrational fields will once again see the light, in every sense of the word.

For you are the primers dear ones, and you have been so for every single incarnation you have had on these shores, and so, what you have laid the foundation for so patiently with every single one of your sojourns here will now finally come into fruition. For the foundation you have built by adding step by step, layer after layer through every single revisit to this planet will now raise up as a magnificent structure of light that truly spans this entire globe and beyond. For as you have moved about from here to there, from birth to death, time after time, you have deposited seeds into the very ground you have stepped upon, and in turn Mother Earth has deposited her seeds into your DNA. And together these seeds have been lying dormant but armed if you will, waiting patiently for that day when the signal to begin that final transformation from seed to manifestation would be given.

And now, dear ones, you can hear the beckoning call coming through, and it has already started off so much growth in so many of you, and in so many of all of those scattered seeds that have been there all along, waiting for the right conditions to literally start to raise their heads from the deep shadows and begin to stretch themselves all the way into the light and then some.

Unusual Digital Photos: Quantum Phase Shifting? Frequency Rising? Fractals merging?

Photo of Lisa and Sonia taken by Darius on a fully functional Canon Digital camera

Unusual Digital Photos: Quantum Phase Shifting? Frequency Rising? Fractals merging?

By American Kabuki

Darius took these unusual set of photos with a high speed Canon digital camera two nights ago. We don't really have an explanation for the images and why we appear to be transparent to the camera and have multiple poses in the same photo.  These are not double exposures.  

The one of Lisa above is perhaps the most unique in that there's two Lisa's with different poses.  There was a very bright light in the background of the group photos but that does not explain the other images which were not taken against the bright background.  The photo of Lisa has an artistic feel to it, but was not deliberately staged this way.

The image below is of me reclining on a couch and you can see the pillow behind my head appears more solid than I am.  We all appear very solid to each and to the local villagers, so I am not really sure what the digital camera is seeing in these images that our brains are filtering out.

Photo of me taken by Darius on a fully functional Canon Digital camera

In the image that follows Darius seems to be in several locations at once.

Photo of Darius taken by Darius on a fully functional Canon Digital camera

In this image below I have a very tall image behind me.  Heather has long said that I have an aspect of my being in another realm that is very tall.    What appears to be a shadow is not because the background is very strongly backlit precluding the formation of a shadow in the background Whitney is washed out complete by the backlight (or transparent to it?).

Group photo, left to right, Whitney, Lisa, Bill, Sonia, Photo by Darius

Group Photo, left to right, Whitney, Lisa, Bill, Sonia, Blue Star

ZEROHEDGE.COM: WTF Chart Of The Day: "Holy $340 Billion In Quarter-End Window Dressing, Batman"

Translation: Their balance sheets are all smoke and mirrors folks... -AK

WTF Chart Of The Day: "Holy $340 Billion In Quarter-End Window Dressing, Batman"

Tyler Durden's picture

If there ever was any question as to what the purpose of the Fed's Reverse Repo liquidity facility was, or is (and considering we already explained it before in Fed Soaks Up Record $200 Billion In Year End Excess Liquidity and Month-End Window Dressing Sends Fed Reverse Repo Usage To $208 Billion: Second Highest Ever), the amount of reverse repos issued by the Fed to make banks appear healthier than they are and to cure whatever "high quality collateral" shortfalls banks are now chronically experiencing, should slam the door shut on any future debate just what the motive behind the Reverse Repo is.
Behold: a record $340 billion in reverse repos submitted by the world's financial institutions with the Federal Reserve, an increase of $200 billion overnight, and amounting to a record $3.5 billion on average among the 97 operations participants. Considering this is a clear quarterly event, it goes without saying that all the reverse repo is, is a quarter-end window dressing mechanism underwritten by Mr. Chairmanwoman itself.

That there was some $200 billion in excess reserve liquidity as of yesterday's market close (which today was handed over to the Fed in exchange for one day rental of Treasurys), or that banks actually have a third of a trillion gaping shortfall in collateral, hardly needs discussion.
Expect total reverse repo usage tomorrow to plunge by at least $150 billion as the banks will have fooled their regulator, which also happens to be the Fed, that they are safe and sound. Rinse, repeat, until the entire financial system collapses once again and people will ask "how anyone could have possibly foreseen this."
As we said last time:
So step aside any sophisticated claims that the Fed's reverse repo is a means to extract liquidity when the time to raise rates finally comes: all this latest "tool" in the Fed's arsenal is, is nothing more than a Fed-mandated and endorsed mechanism with which the banks can fool regulators and investors that they are in a far healthier condition than they really are.

And judging by the humiliating episode involving Bank of America's made up numbers that punked the Fed into believing America's most insolvent TBTF bank was healthy enough to give be billions to investors, one of the parties most "confused" by what the RRP does, is the Fed itself.
Source: NY Fed

Liquid Love Light: It Is All New


It Is All New
Posted on June 30, 2014

Have you felt these new frequencies rolling in? They are calling us to be present in every moment. Your mind can have an idea of what you are going to do and it can be tumbled about in the wave crashing in. There is no solid ground, we are the ground! A new firmament is being created as we stream our lovelight from Home into this earth. Exciting, exhausting, relentless.

I had been given a vision and a date for my first step into my new expanded role. Dates shifted and the new moon called me and a friend to Mount Shasta days earlier than expected. It all happened as if in a dream,  a few hour drive up to the spot that called to us on the mountain and then back again. No walk in town, nothing but hit our mark and depart. Floating the whole way in a rich soup of energies. The aftermath, days of stillness. Packing awaits, departure looms and yet I can do nothing but lie here and dream.  We are dreaming the new into being. This is powerful work and the time is now. I heard the deep voice booming, “It begins,” and I knew its truth as my vision unfurled the shock waves of love spreading across the land.

Benjamin Fulford - June 30, 2014: Is ISIS a CRISIS or some kind of inside joke?

All views expressed below are solely of Ben Fulford or his handlers and not necessarily of this blog. -AK


Monday, June 30, 2014

Benjamin Fulford - June 30, 2014: Is ISIS a CRISIS or some kind of inside joke?

Sometimes events in the news seem so surreal that it becomes a guess they are not real, or at least not in the sense we see it. That is certainly the case with the declaration of the Islamic Caliphate or ISIS last week.

The first thing to note, as pointed out by alert readers, is that there is a military contractor called ISIS that offers services in such areas as “role playing,” “exercise and evaluations,” “human intelligence,” “special operations” and “unmanned aircraft systems” among other things.


Most of their offices are either in the Middle East or the United States and it is a pretty good guess they got the contract to carry out operation ISIS in the Middle East.

When you see news article full of demands by ISIS to “hand over your daughters for sex,” or crucifixions of Christians and threats that the “black flag of Jihad will fly over London”


it is a pretty good guess you are dealing with a major psy-ops or role playing game.
Here is what and MI5 source had to say about it:

“This is a PR exercise to bring terrorism into a branded, packaged presence which is the normal purview of corporate marketing and PR. We are witnessing a global psy-op to shift the perception of “terror” groups away from being rogue psycho’s to being more like football teams playing for victory in sanitized arenas.”

As mentioned before, there has been an agreement between various secret power groups for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate to replace the artificial borders created by the French and the British in the Middle East after World War I. That is what is happening now.

This is linked to the sudden influx of illegal immigrants pouring into the US. There has been a secret agreement, certainly not made in consultation with the majority of the people, to join North and South America into a single block. The Americas would have a population of 950 million, enough to stand toe to toe with China and India and the soon to emerge Caliphate. This is part of a plan to divide the world into about seven to nine blocs each with a population of about 1 billion that was mentioned to this writer years ago by a senior member of the Bank for International Settlements or BIS, the central banks central bank. The other planned groupings are Africa, Europe plus Russia and non-Chinese East Asia.

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