Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everywhere Angels

You can see what it is you are creating when you look beyond what shows up in your day to day, to who does. You are each other’s angels in a very literal sense.  You show up at critical moments in each others lives to move things forward, fulfill prior arrangements and assist in the manifestation of dreams.  None of these things could happen without the “other”.

These “others” show up for you in many ways.  Today, with the internet as well as hundreds of cable channels, it is possible for your angels to be located anywhere on the planet.  Every word you hear, or scene you watch, has an effect.  No moments are wasted moments. 

Life was not meant to be a solitary journey.  Even the quietest and most isolated have in their day some human contact.  We are a social species for a reason.  That reason is love. 

Love in physical form can be demonstrated by “strangers” as well as those you have come to know intimately.  It is a word or action that on some level alters your day. Sometimes you find your whole mood shifts after catching a clip of a comedian on you tube.  This is not a small thing, it is everything.  Those artists devoting their life to lifting the spirits of others do so for love.

Laughter is an equalizer, a field changer, a stabilizer.  Once the air is cleared with laughter, even for a tiny moment, the possibility for new manifestation occurs.  Creation starts with emotion.  Depression, sadness and being “stuck” sort of stops up the works and brings forth only more of that energy.  This is not expansive or growth producing, but more of a platform from which the good stuff can take off.  Now, we need beginnings and contrast to get us going – but we don’t need to hang out there for very long.

Appreciate each moment of frustration and difficulty for what it is – a point from which you can fly.  How many things, in hindsight only, seem to be the best things and most life changing?   How much easier would life be if we appreciated each moment as it was happening?

Moments have players in them for you alone.  Your life and each act it includes is being performed for only one person in the audience – you.  Each joke has a private meaning, each painful incident specifically placed for you alone.  Life is a subjective occurrence.  Only you understand what the people in yours mean.

That is not to say that some people are not more important to our everyday than others, they are.  Not because of what they do specifically, but how often interaction occurs.  Those we live with have chosen to share more of this lifetime with us than those we get our mail from.  Yet amount of contact does not diminish the potential to effect change.

When you look at everyone you see today as angels, life changing beings who crossed your path just when you needed them to, the world looks different.  You are not surrounded by strangers, but by unknown assistants.  There is no such thing as a solitary life. We are here for each other; that is why we incarnate.

Connections to people on the street or online occur at your command.  A feeling of knowing someone, however brief, is real.  Each contact has value and purpose.  In our busy lives, it becomes perhaps easy to dismiss or ignore each other.

We are surrounded by angels.  They ring up our groceries, walk into buildings with us, deliver our mail and wait behind us in line.  Why not look them in the eyes?

We stare at screens for a good portion of our days and yet while doing so miss another facet of equally vital contact – real people.  That person sitting next to you on the train may have written the really powerful blog you just read or produced that funny you tube clip.  He also may have something to say that you could use right now.

It has become habit to avoid each others eyes as we move through our daily activities.  This is a loss for all parties.  The most mundane tasks take on life and meaning when a connection is made.  Try it.  Create moments wherever you are.  Meet each other in the place where everyone is home – in the eyes.  You may find 9 out of 10 uncomfortable and avoid your gaze but you’ll change everything for that tenth one.  This is why you both showed up just now – to connect.

Love cannot be dismissed as unimportant however brief.  Accept it from wherever it shows up and seek it in every interaction.  It is there.  You may just be the angel who uncovers it for someone else today.  As you allow each moment to present to you its miracle, welcome the angel who participated.  An open heart changes everything.

Everything ends.  This means that each moment and contact is a new beginning.  Embrace them all.  They showed up for you alone.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

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