Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick update...

Heather has published some new legal papers and banking tools in English and Italian for those interested. You can find them on her web site at http://heatheranntuccijarraf.info  Heather is quite enjoying her entre into web pages and blogging and is catching on to it very fast.

A big thank you to all those that helped out in the last month with donations, its greatly appreciated! You cannot know how much its appreciated. A friend is bringing my ATM cards from states in a few days.  I will be able to withdraw my money directly without funneling it via Paypal through Caleb and his ATM bank card (and all the fees that costs me with the banks). Being pick pocketed really was inconvenient, but we worked around it.  A huge thank you to Caleb for his patience and kindness during this ordeal.

The housing situation is still uncertain, although I do have a roommate who put down a first and last months' deposit on their room so I will be getting a two bedroom place, once I find one. We have had several housing situations appear and then fizzle, much to our frustration. With so many people coming into the area so quickly its making it somewhat difficult to find places. We also have had property renting collisions with different sets of people wanting the same house or apartments. We found one large house from a retired Spanish doctor that had 9 bedrooms, kind of like 3 apartments under one roof, which would have been perfect for all of us in Cabo Negro and Heather's kids, but we chose to defer to the people who looked at it the day before we did.  These things happen.

Some of the properties have well water pump issues, or lack of water pressure for showers, which cuts down the number of available units.  Some of the bloggers have publicized the name of the town we are in, which the locals quickly caught on to, and jacked up some of the rents, thinking a massive amount of tourists would be coming.  None of us have done this kind of thing before and frankly we are quite surprised by how many people showed up so fast. The power of alternative media in action I suppose...

Project XIII is about ready to launch publicly, a big thank you to all those who have been testing it and help Caleb work out the bugs! You don't know how helpful that kind of feedback is ironing out the remaining issues.  Its really a neat tool and Caleb is about to roll out voice chat with it probably in the next week.

I am not going to comment much on Swissindo's announcements, except to say that the documents Heather has filed don't need any group to distribute Eternal Essence's value.  Heather has not signed onto Swissindo's plans, they did call here a few weeks back seeking that.  None of the now-reconciled One People Public Trust (OPPT) trustees are involved with what Swissindo is doing.  Swissindo has latched on the CVAC documents without apparently reading the other documents related to hierarchies of control being dissolved.

Heather on the terrace during a cold late night call from Swissindo Feb 14th.

Value distribution can be done completely at the individual level without any hierarchy of control. Has any central planned economy ever worked well on this planet? I think not. Eternal Essence does not need management. And the value due the embodiments is an order of magnitude higher than the values Swissindo is offering. But we realize not everybody understands yet they are the value. Many people think value comes from ATM machines and plastic cards. Those are just devices to transmit value. The documents are all in standard banking document formats that bankers do know how to process. There are banks that do want to accept them, especially given the grave situation the banks are in now, but its been the bloodline banking families putting the kabosh on that... for the time being.

The people are the value, and have always been so.  Its just been hidden through many layers of abstractions and value substitutions like gold, silver, Federal Reserve notes, etc... and people have been made to think they are worthless so their value could be stolen and managed without their knowledge by the banking system.  You may remember the documents I published a few months back and showing the infinite accounts in Asia?  The reason those accounts are infinite is because Eternal Essence is infinite and continually supplying the value to the embodiments, nobody told you about that before Heather... something to think about.  YOU ARE THE VALUE.

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