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Blossom Goodchild: Feb 21st 2013.

My comments below -AK

Blossom Goodchild: Feb 21st 2013.

Hello there. As you know this will be my last channelling for about five weeks, due to other commitments. I thought I’d just ask how YOU thought the INVOCATION went last week … and then after that, I will leave it up to you, as to what you FEEL is most appropriate to leave us pondering on.

Most joyous greetings to you Blossom and all who enrich their lives through Love. We were very much aware of the wordings … given forth as a group of BEINGS … that are asking for assistance within the world that you human Beings reside upon. There was much LOVE and earnest thinking from the heart space that certainly went out into the ethers.

Like you, Blossom … we know that this plea … this desire to ‘move things along’ is to be considered by that which is above ‘US’ … in terms of overall management. Yet, we can tell you that the longing from the hearts of those upon Earth … to make it into a better place … did not go unheeded.

In my way of thinking … I FEEL we made it clear, and shall now leave it up to ‘The Highest’ to decide whether or not a ‘boosting sign’ shall be given. So … now … shall we move on?

With respect for all involved … let us do so.

Being that perhaps you understand a little more of how it is for us down here … how would you suggest we continue to override all that is sent to ‘put us down’? We KNOW that LOVE is the answer … yet, LOVE doesn’t seem to stop the greed that can cause so much frustration for those of us who seem to be ‘in the hands’ of the greedy!

Dearest Blossom … we can only offer you words of LOVE. For, as you are well aware … this is the answer to all things.

Yet … BEING of LOVE, no matter what … doesn’t stop us having to pay bills that continue to rise out of control … and having to deal with  … what I call, general ‘rip offs’!  Yes, you can come from LOVE … yet, the darker side continue to manipulate and monopolise … leaving us FEELING helpless and powerless at times, to overcome their control. LOVE does not seem to be breaking through these kind of issues … and these kind of issues are the very things that leave us struggling to shine! Do you understand, not just what am saying … yet, do you FEEL the frustration this causes and indeed the very reason why we asked for a sign to keep us keeping on?

We must speak in our TRUTH Blossom … as you do in yours. We have undergone a great deal of conversational discussion amongst many who perhaps have a ‘better FEEL’ for this of which you speak … than we may do ... being that we have not experienced the Earthly trials … actually within the flesh. 

We had not fully understood the depth of pain that can be created by those wishing harm. This has ‘alarmed us’ quite considerably. [This is quite interesting admission by what we call "the divines" that they really didn't understand human pain and suffering because they were never in the flesh.  There was also another CHANNELING a few weeks ago where "the divines" admitted to harvesting our light....and a rather oblique reference to the "spanner in the mix".  I wish Blossom had continued the conversation rather than getting spooked by it, because they were coming clean about the matter of energy harvesting...which is required of them at this time.  Thanks so much to Blossom for bring this information forward! And I do agree with the channeling, love is the way forward! -AK]

Yet … this ‘alarms me’ quite considerably. I really thought you DID understand how it was for us down here?

Not in the same fashion as you were expecting us to KNOW.  Again we speak of … the OVERALL energy. This is what we are able to gauge levels of Light upon … and indeed as we have said … there is much of it.

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