Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Quest : Day 3 - The Square Peg

So, stuff may be coming up, lots of stuff.  This is stuff that has been swept under the rug and remained there for years.  You are re-decorating now and someone has moved the rug.  There is nothing nearby to cover it with.  You’ll have to deal with it in a new way.

When my children were very young and in the midst of a creative project, inevitably something would go wrong.  Some would call this a mistake – but after a few tears were shed, we’d consider it an opportunity, a chance to do things differently, to try something unexpected.  Nothing was ever “ruined”.  Yet many pictures and projects drastically changed.

It can be sort of shocking and awkward to see parts of yourself you’ve been hiding from.  You’ve spent a lifetime painting a portrait of yourself as an attempt to fit.  You got so good at it you believed it yourself.  It was the acceptable you, the “good” you, the respectable you.  This version almost fit into that round opening, but not quite.  You are more of a square peg than a round one.

Who said pegs have to be round anyway?  Perhaps what’s been the problem is the place you were trying to fit into, not the shape of you.  Perhaps standardizing a human in any circumstance is quite absurd.  Just maybe you are okay as is – no adjustment necessary. 

To live in Agape you will have to accept yourself as is, not adjust yourself until you are acceptable.  That’s the difference between self love and self loathing.  There really is nothing wrong with you.

If you’d like to change something, do so because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself.  The energy of love is expansive, creative and world changing.  The energy of hate is constricting, limiting and ultimately damaging.

We are here to learn this.  It is my understanding that as soon as one of us truly, completely and without condition loves themselves – we’ll all do it.  The hundredth monkey.

We exist in a circle of creation.  We are One.  It starts and ends with One.  It starts and ends with you.  All serve One.  One serves all.  It is a perfect circle.  Pay attention to your current perspective; your view from your point on the wheel – your POV. 

Everything that yields an emotional response has done so because of a belief.  It is those beliefs we are looking at now, on this Quest, during this week of Love.  Do they enhance or restrict self love?  Are you empowered with them in your tool kit?  If not, and if Agape is your goal, you will need to alter them.  This is re-training at your core.

You have a brain full of knee-jerk emotional responses.  There is help available for altering them if they are not taking you to Agape.  There are sort of How-to-Guides for loving yourself.  Two books were just shared with me recently.  They are short, easy to read and to follow.  They have received a good deal of accolades.

“How Quantum Physicists build New Beliefs” by Greg Kuhn
“Love Yourself like your life depends on it” by Kamal Ravikant

Your social media is calling, attempting to help you feel better. This won’t change anything until you believe you are worthy of love.  I like both of these approaches because they start wherever you happen to be and call for a gentle uphill progression to Joy.  We are all trying to get there and are breaking our accounts with forwards and tweets to help each other; evidence of the epidemic of self-loathing.

So the next time you notice something that slipped out from under that old rug – look right at it, fearlessly.  It’s you and it’s not going to hide any longer.  May as well get used to it.  Once you accept it, you will learn to love it. Then you can begin work on constructing some square openings to fit into.  We’d all appreciate it and will be right there with you, looking for a place to fit ourselves.

We are the ones we are waiting for.
See you tomorrow.

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