Friday, December 27, 2013

Sovereignty 101:Installment 2 - Cultivating Power

What is happening now is exceptional. There are no moments before this one that you can call on as reference.  None have gone through such a time as you now navigate.  You have no historical figures, no guidelines, no memories to shape the world for you – to color your actions so you do this the “right way”.

There is no “right way”, no “wrong way” – there is your way.  Each thought, word and action is creative.  Your co-creators, your “oppressors”, those found on and off planet are all participants in the formation of this new era.  Do not assume that any greater power is held by the money lenders, political leaders or beings in ships in your skies.  These illusions of power are what you are leaving behind.

Embracing the power you hold is the foundation of this shift.  It is being played out on a world stage yet it springs from an internal decision.  Decide the world you’d like to be living in and see only that.

Allow your vision to take form in your speech and to color your actions.  Be the person today who lives and loves in the world you dream of. This is a person who chose life as it occurs right now and is aware of both the possibility and responsibility of that choice.  This is a god.

If there are words that cause you to recoil, see that they are words that dis-empower. Do not take an attitude of subservience, weakness or confusion.  All answers are found when you listen to that whisper within.  Action leads to further action.  Pay attention to where your current path is taking you.  Do not be afraid to look ahead.  The world you are creating right now lives there.

What will you do with all this power?  No one has told you about this because of their own agenda.  Your religions, governments, teachers and bankers are and have been manipulating the story for their own purpose.  Seeing the results of that agenda provides a springboard from which to take off.

I love this clip because his belief is solid.  Every day it’s the same, regardless of outcome.  He is relentless and driven; an active force creating his world.  As we cultivate those attributes with our own visions a new world is grown.  It is teeming with sovereign beings fully cognizant of who runs this show.  We do.

We are the ones we are waiting for. 

Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment

Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment
by √ČirePort

Focusing and clarification of all Gaia Higher Dimensional energetic constructs occurs at this moment.

"Novelty"1 energy items are being discarded along with all grids which support such.

Authenticity is currently required for all new energetic and (so-called) Light Work.

Flash Points of understanding come for non-resisting Hue-Beings, as well as hu-beings.

The "Hue-Beings / hu-being" designation is now fading rapidly.

Global Gaia awakening is near.

√ČirePort | December 27, 2013 at 21:30

1.) By "novelty" I wonder if they are referring to the same concept of novelty that is found in the Sheliak Time wave series? -Bill
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