Sunday, December 8, 2013

Off World Update - "Don't be chicken - time is tickin"

This latest update from our off world contact urges us to quietly get creative.  Check out the links included, grab some other like minded folks, and build some solutions!  

December 8, 2013

Sophia, as I shared with You magnetic rotation technology and encourage You to make them and use in Your cars and homes I was told to share with You also a much cheaper and easier way how to avoid using combustion fuels. You can easily use water as a fuel, all You need to do is retrofit Your old gasoline/diesel engine system to run on it, and tweaks necessary to make Your car running on water are very few, engine remains the same, in this case You are using hydrogen fuel (using process hydrolysis, where You separate hydrogen from oxygen), I know You already heard of these new types of fuel, here instead of buying a new car, which is costly, You can make Your old car working on water. It is environment friendly, non polluting, no CO2 emissions, although heat still present, but not as much as in combustions. So this process is much cheaper and easier, natural fuel of stars - hydrogen and natural "fuel" of animals - oxygen is being used.
Click here:

And here:

And here:

Here is an example of what can be done, if necessary resources (or funding) are put into it.

Click here:

There are more such videos just search for them, these are just the easiest to understand.

Along with this technology there is a tech that transform heat of our body and surroundings into energy (it can be used on mobile devices)

Click here:

And here:

A tech that transforms movement into energy (kinetic tech)

Click here:

And some more which transforms energy kept in matter to energy, these techs are expensive to make.

What makes them common is that all of these technologies are suppressed by illuminati order and oil and batteries companies, because of their greed and I must remind You, be very careful and not try to earn money on these technologies, do not draw attention of main stream media to You, because I know almost all the inventors that tried, were suppressed, beaten or even killed when they refused to stop. Just spread this technology quietly along Friends and other interested People, once it will become abundant, there will be no way for them to stop You. Remember, the greatest weapons of satanic cults are money and lies, so when You use them, they will use You.

Anyway, when these techs will become abundant Your reward will be overwhelming,
wish You Great Luck and Gre

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: Hawai'i '78

Never a sweeter voice born than Bruddah IZ...

SaLuSa 6.12.2013

SaLuSa 6.12.2013

There are so many questions within your mind right now, and we know you wish them to be answered. The answers are already in your heart Dear Ones, all of them, and the moment when you will clearly hear them is quickly approaching with your finishing change. Remember no one can provide answers for you, we all can only show you the way that leads to this knowing, because it is always you who decide when is the perfect moment for receiving the answer and with acceptance of that experience of knowing you gain the most from the understanding that is there, hidden within each experience. So when you still feel that your mind is occupied with so many questions, simply ask yourself what do you need to do to be ready, to be prepared to move into the New and with certainty the answer will come and leave you with no doubts about what should be done. At that moment of your own realization, most of the answers will be revealed through your heart, and you will be no longer held back and when you decide to finish all that is necessary, it is always upon your free will choice.

The experience of free will is maybe one of the last issues that your need to fully understand, and understanding always comes when you completely accept this experience as the one that is carrying valuable wisdom for you and do not deny it for one, two or thousands reasons that could be attached to it, depending on your current mood, situation or on any other matter that influence your state of mind. But once you have found out that acceptance of each lesson is giving you the strength to forgive, forget and let go, there is no reason why you should wait any longer to do the same with all experiences that might still hold the wisdom inside, including the free will. This choice of experiencing free will was among the main reasons for your decision to be incarnated here on Mother Earth as most of you wished to understand everything that is connected with it.

Throughout your awakening process, many of you saw and felt energy of some of your prior life experiences, and these were all shown to you to accept them as they were without feeling of hate, shame, guilt or judgment for yourself or the others involved. And this is what you should do also with your current life experience, because now the lesson of free will choice is intensified to its maximum potential of learning for all of you. Are you ready to accept it and move into the New and when your answer is YES, we are ready too.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I feel how you all are moving into that acceptance and understanding of this lesson. Remember no guilt or shame exists where Love and Light is present, there is only understanding of each other being expressions of Creation with the right to choose which way to follow. Those who chose to close their experiences of free will and duality choices have already accepted this lesson while reading this message and are ready to receive the wisdom that will carry them into the reality where there is only one choice to follow.  

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia Usable Form Currently at Maximum…

Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia Usable Form Currently at Maximum…
by √ČirePort

Rendition of Cosmic Energies into Gaia usable form is currently at maximum allowable levels.

Streams of blue crystalline needle configureds are continuing dissolution of all unusable old paradigm concepts.

Higher movements of Gaia protectives continues unabated.

Incoming Cosmics are soon to assume primary function in the Gaia collective dimensional scheme.

√ČirePort | December 8, 2013 at 01:21
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