Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Near Death Experience

Lisa's NDE

[not Lisa Harrison's experience btw... in case you wonder... my friend Wendell forwarded this to me in an email... keep in mind there is no "correct" way to have an NDE, they do vary from person to person.  In the one I had in 2009 I had no life review.  For a time I thought maybe something was wrong with me because I didn't.  I also did not see relatives, or many of the things Dannion Brinkley reports in his 3 NDE experiences. One thing that is common though is how deeply they affect your physical life afterwards. Dolores Cannon says many people in the last 20 years report having no "life review", she speculates that it is because many of the younger souls on this planet at this time did not originate from earth but came here to help out the planet.  -Bill]


My near-death experience occurred when I was five years old, in Russia where I was born and lived at the time, on a holiday trip to the Black Sea where I went with my mother and grandparents.
On this particular day we had all gone down to the beach. The sea was rough, and my mother was standing in the water holding me in her arms. I remember feeling safe and secure, although the waves were huge, enormous from my five-year old perspective, and being excited as they came crushing over my mother and me, one by one. Then this particularly big wave hit us, my mother lost her balance, lost her grip, and I was washed away by the wave.

For a moment I felt the utter fear of death, my body instinctively sensing this being a life-threatening situation. I held my breath and struggled to find something to hold on to, to save myself, but my hands were only grasping water. Only water was everywhere, I was helpless, completely out of control. When I realized there was no use to fight, nothing to get a grip on, I surrendered. I let go of my breathing, let go of trying to save myself, let go of the struggle for life, and allowed whatever was happening to me to happen.

Next thing I remember is feeling the most profound and utter sense of peace I ever felt in my life. Suddenly I was feeling completely safe, being enveloped and protected by something I can only describe as complete unconditional love. This love was all around me, it was everywhere, but at the same time it was also me, the one I was, my innermost essence. There was no longer any fear, no worries, no struggle for anything, and I could've gone on being wherever I was, and feeling the way I was forever.

I felt as though I was finally being my true self. There were no limits or limitations what so ever, I could go wherever I wanted, know whatever I wished, do anything. The sense of freedom was inexplicable. I was also strangely aware that the thing we ordinarily call 'time' now was suspended, and no longer existed.

D. has an urgent need...

Update: 11/08/2013 10:44 AM PDT Thank you so much for your love and assitance to D!  We raised Euro 870... so far through Muxi and my Paypal accounts for D.  I love you all!  As does D!

Update: 11/06/2013  4:13 PM PDT Raised about US$200 on my Paypal account so far. I don't know how much has gone straight to Muxi's Paypal account....  Thank you so much for helping D. out...  -Bill

Our friend D. from the Removing the Shackles blog has a very urgent need.  She has a tooth that is infected in the jaw and needs to get it removed.  These kind of infections can get serious and painful.

D. has a family of great kids and really doesn't have the funds to get this done so I thought we all could help her out.   She's done such great research over the past months and I regularly post her articles here..

If you'd like to help out you can send a donation via to, or you can send me the donation via the donation button on the right side of this blog and I will forward it to Muxi.  Either way it gets there.

Thanks in advance to any help you can provide to D!  Love you all!


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