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UNITY: The Movie -- a very inspiring Kickstarter project

Here is a very inspiring Kickstarter project for your delight -- an intro to a movie being made about love, unity, and compassion.  Even if you don't contribute to the making of this movie, the trailer will uplift you.

Ginger's Notes 7-3-2013 and show transcript

The Collective Imagination – 2/3 July – Ginger’s Notes & Comments

This show was a great follow up to the interview with Heather aired July 1st/2nd. Here is a transcript of this interview that is about Phase 2 launching -

Heather is 99% done with completing the first document . . .

1st doc, is most important to read first . . . because you need to understand all whys and hows clearly, BEFORE using the second doc/new system . . . of the Original Value system (before it was turned into a debt and slavery system).

2nd doc, is a DECLARATION template . . . is already done, and is brilliant in reflecting the New Value system (parallels Original Value system).

What was highly stressed by D, is for everyone to fully understand, that it’s critical each of us go into our banks by ourselves. Because each of us is the Value in setting up new agreements with our bank . . . and need to take full responsibility for all of it . . . as you will be the one to fully negotiate with your bank in how you want to work with them, on your terms only.

While we can form community groups to help prepare each other for going into our banks, if a group goes into a bank together, the whole point of each our individual Value is completely lost!

We need to fully educate ourselves so we can walk in most confident, as creditors and underwriters . . . Brian has stated he will create some simple role playing videos that will help . . . and especially around diffusing the authority-figure fears many of us still have.

And to remember that currently there are now about 10-15,000 million who have been exposed to what OPPT has done, therefore, the potential momentum to shift everything fast is very high now.

Lisa suggested one could more easily understand our Value by first, equating your time with how much what you want to buy value and true value of your time . . . is a good place to start . . . and that TOP is now taking this to a whole new level.

Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies…

Don't ask me to translate or explain this one... we'll see what happens! -AK

Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies…
by ÉirePort

Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies sufficient to displace and transform dark intended thoughts. New Paradigm Hydrogen Energetics are designed to connect with New Paradigm Elementals.

Fusion fires may appear suddenly, then disappear as old paradigm elements transmute.

Simplicity of execution aligns with New Paradigm.

ÉirePort | July 3, 2013 at 08:26

Hilarion – June 30 – July 6, 2013

Hilarion – June 30 – July 6, 2013
June 30, 2013 in Hilarion

Beloved Ones,

You now begin to move forward into the remembrance of your true purpose and work here upon the planet. The veils have become thinner and the distinction between dimensions is not as great now. This period will be filled with wondrous and miraculous events, both on personal and collective levels. The revelations will be coming fast and thick, for the old ways of keeping secrets and behind the scenes workings will no longer be supported. The cosmic energies of love and those that are beneficial and supportive for the awakening of all of humanity have increased in intensity and magnitude. This can be a great catalyst for change and transformation and we observe with great interest the effects of each wave.

It is incumbent upon each Light Bearer to hold their ground and remain firmly in their field of light and to daily anchor this into the crystalline diamond heart of Mother Earth. We see each of you do this each day with great determination and persistence and it is making a difference within the planet’s core. As this light expands within the core it moves in ever greater concentric circles to the surface of the planet and permeates all of life everywhere. There is an answering call from the inhabitants and all of life feels a quickening of anticipation of impending events that will transform the world as they now know it. This transformation begins within each heart and then ignites the hearts of everyone around them.

The manuscript of survival – part 332
The manuscript of survival – part 332
by Aisha North

As many of you have ascertained already, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light. For the light never comes empty handed as it were, as it will always have a profound effect on all that it touches on its way. So too this time, as has been amply proven already.

We gather you will all have been profoundly touched by these energetic emissions already, and much has once again been brought up to the surface. Not only in you, but in people around you as well. And even if you have all by now been thouroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and you will in some ways have gotten used to it, it will still be hard to keep your focus and indeed your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. For that is truly what so much of this will be seen as, and as we have already touched upon, it can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but as a creative chaos. For there is indeed a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals, and what is actually underneath it all. For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

But as we have talked about over and over again, mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge. And we do not think we are far off the mark if we venture to guess that this fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over this last period. Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.

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