Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Musician - Eternal Presence and Eternal Essence

British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health

British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health

The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II has been advised to resign and relinquish power as she gets older and overburdened with a tough schedule to live with, local media reported.

The advice came from former Labour deputy prime minister Lord Prescott, who suggested that “the Queen should think about abdication because she is overburdened at the age of 86”, British media reported.

UPDATED: Breaking: Syria's Assad shot dead by bodyguard?

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Breaking: Assad shot dead by bodyguard?

Based on reports in Arab media, Israel's News One is reporting that Bashar al-Assad has been shot and killed by one of his bodyguards (link in Hebrew).

According to the report, Assad was shot by one of his bodyguards and hospitalized in a Damascus hospital. The report has not been officially confirmed.

Message from Heather to White Dragons, et al…
“Let the real fun begin!”

Sorry for the delay in posting this new information I had to take my daughter to the airport.  -AK

The following information just came in which is relevant to what is going on at this NOW moment:

Just to pass on... Sheldan Nidle just acknowledged the Creation of the OPPT as an embodiment of the changeover in societal structure, as an expression of the New Galactic society. The steps taken [legalities and protocols], he explained, are ones that are required, PLUS the steps taken with ALL of us, collectively, in implementaing the ENERGETIC of KNOWING as CREATIONAL principles.

[1:45:58 PM] deva peters: He also made reference (implied) that this initiative has been birthed from the Ascended streams of consciousness here and NOW

[1:46:55 PM] deva peters: THIS is just a quick paraphrase. I just thought you might like to KNOW and to BE acknowledged in this Creation.

[1:47:33 PM] Jarrafusa: 

The following is reposted form KP's blog, I was not able to get this information out earlier:
Message from Heather to White Dragons, et al… “Let the real fun begin!”
Posted on 2013/03/24 by kauilapele

This appeared in an OPPT arena this morning, and I felt moved to put it “out here”, as I feel it’s “important” (whatever that means).


[6:25:13 AM] Jarrafusa: …, all separations are being magnetically drawn to a nexus point of NOW. Many requests to co-operate and co-DO are being made. So, I make known the following:

[6:21:24 AM] Jarrafusa: Deryl, please pass the message on to the groups claiming to be the white dragons and unido/family trusts:

“In absolute love, peace and gratitude for all service done, conscious and unconscious, to manifest this moment of NOW. Where OPPT was the conscious space to know that all that IS, BE eternal essence, a new conscious space and tools within eternal essence are launching today to impower experiencing eternal essence embodied…for all to know and rely upon.

With full responsibility and liability, I issue invitation, insurance and guarantee of immediate face to face meeting(s) between embodiments of eternal essence. I can be reached by mobile phone +212 620072438, skype at jarrafusa, or by other means of presenting embodiment.

I am in Tangier Morocco DO’ing and would love to meet to discuss DO’ing together transparently in the highest good of all as we choose by our free will… even in a twinkling of an eye and at speed of heart.

As you may already know, we are launching the NOW phase of Abundance to experience… eternal essence by embodiment absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits.

absolute gratitude, love and peace
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf”

[6:25:42 AM] Jarrafusa: let the real fun begin!

March 24, 2013

Watch the World Come Alive - A Vision

A vision from Dream Hopper:

There is your higher self and there is you; separated into this image projected into 3D.  You have forgotten how to access everything BUT the image (you) projected into the dream (3D world).  There will be a release of this incredible amount of energy that will alter your understanding of your 3D projection in this dream.

It is as if you had a huge cylinder of water with a spicket at the bottom.  The only thing you are conscious of is the spicket.  The water has always been there, you just weren’t aware of it.  This “moment” is like a releasing of the spicket.  It will all flow together and BE incredibly obvious; TRUTH.  There will be a “grocking” of the idea that the projection can be ANYTHING YOU SAY it is.

My dream from last night:

I am outside watching ships in the sky... they are lighting up the sky, drawing images of people, like stick people, along with beautiful designs.. they are playing!  This is happening all over the world at once.  In my dream I can "see" the other parts of the world where they are in the skies… day or night, playing.  They are flying around while we all watch, and we all do. This is at the same moment in time… for a long time. 

Eventually we are all out of our houses… watching and talking.

“And the world comes alive…”

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for, and as my friend just shared “It is NOW the time we have been waiting for!”

Much love!

I'll Find My Way Home

I'll find my way home

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near
Don't question I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home

My sun shall rise in the east
So shall my heart be at peace
And if you're asking me when
I'll say it starts at the end
You know your will to be free
Is matched with love secretly
And talk will alter your prayer
Somehow you'll find you are there

Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in far ancient tongue
A season's wish will come true
All seasons begin with you
One world we all come from
One world we melt into one
Just hold my hand and we're there
Somehow we're going somewhere
Somehow we're going somewhere

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is strong
I know it can't be long
No questions I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home

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