Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated: OPPT WEB SITES (so far)

Thanks to Aaron and Pierre for tracking the URLs. If your group is not listed please leave a comment on the blog and I will add it to the list. 

The following sites are One People's Trust related:

OPPT Trustee web site:

UCC Filing Search site:

OPPT Web sites other people have created: 
Regional OPPT Sites: 
The following look-alike web sites are asking for donations, BUT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OPPT.  Consider yourself forewarned. The OPPT does not ask for donations or sponsors, all work of the OPPT Trustees was done with their own funds.

GAIA PORTAL: Upsurges Are Noted...

Upsurges Are Noted...
by ÉirePort

We have observed an upsurge in 4D-5D activity over the past 3 hours, beginning at 1900 UTC. At this moment, the upsurge appears to continue.

Energetics of Gaia are re-forming around this upsurge, and will plateau at a much Higher and more refined energy level.

Those who have adapted to multi-dimensional understandings will align rapidly with this Higher level. While retaining integrity (unity) with all so-called "lower" levels.

Upsurge appears visually to the ÉirePort team as a spiral projecting upward, counterclockwise rotation when viewed from "above" (although this is strictly energetic, without 3D counterpart).

This report is offered as information only, and does not include predictives.

ÉirePort | February 8, 2013 at 22:20

Educational Entertainment for a Snow Day


Educational Entertainment for a Snow Day

 On the topic of helping explain the reality of our current defunct and corrupt system of society, here are a few excellent videos.If you're on the east coast of Turtle Island like I am.... you're under several feet of snow this morning, so you might as well grab a hot beverage, a blankie and sit back and watch a few videos!

This first one was created by an RTS reader from Ireland

In a more comedic vein, this video explains your strawman

There are a few inaccuracies in this video- but the over all content is an excellent tool of explanation.... with a side of humour.

Posted by Breaking The Silence at 09:24
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