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Personal Light Pillars

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A reader writes:

So, AK, I’m writing to share a lightworker story and I don’t know another good medium to share it.  I’ve been following your blog for about a year I think.  I’m a Usui Reiki Master, a lightworker, a truther, and a PhD chemist.  I had a pretty remarkable experience over New Years with eleven other lightworkers in various stages of their spiritual journey.  I’ve felt changes all around me since Ascension and since this trip, and I want to share my experience and see if it fits in with other people’s understanding of the energetic changes taking place all around us.  Obviously, I don’t think that our group is solely responsible for all of the changes.  I do think we were responsible for part of it, and wanted to share a few notes on the experience of a dozen lightworkers in Vermont over New Year’s Eve.

The party is annual event that my family has been hosting going on 19 years.  My brother ran it for ten of those, and I took over when he outgrew the experience.  The plan is that shortly after Christmas all my dearest friends come up to Vermont and stay in a small cabin in the woods.  Typically we drink, play sports, and play nerdy board games for the better part of the week; however, this year was different.  Normally, we’ll pack a 1600 sqft house with 20-30 people, but what I found was that people that have otherwise done all that they can to make it to this party for the last nine years were suddenly dropping out.  They couldn’t take the trip, they couldn’t get time off from work, they were pregnant, or other life things got in the way.  What I realized after a few of my dearest friends dropped out is that the folks that weren’t lightworkers weren’t able to attend.  Only those seeking spiritual enlightenment were coming this year.  I made a statement a few months back that it seems like “It’s just going to be me and some lightworkers.”  I was right, and I was glad to see in a SaLuSa post not long before our event that “lightworkers would be gathering…” made me feel less ditched by my oldest and dearest best friends and more like it was just part of the overall plan hitting this planet like a tidal wave.

Anyway, by the time we whittled down our party goers had a funky spread covering their pathway to spirituality.  We had people that wanted to observe (1), get Reiki attuned (5), already was a Reiki 1 (1), was already a Reiki 2 (3), or was already a Reiki Master (2).  In addition to Reiki attunement our group has been using a meditation, called Pillar of Light, which in a sense takes an etheric and spotty wireless connection to the consciousness grid and makes a very firm hard connection 

When we started we had five people that were pillared.  By the time the party was over the day after New Year’s Eve we had three Pillared Reiki Masters in the house,   two Pillared Reiki 2s, two pillared Reiki 1s, four Reiki 1s, and one observer.  I don’t know why this spread was important to have in the house, but I felt like the various energy work that we did either attuning, meditating, or just playing set a pretty big stage for the house, the space, and the real work that was about to take place.

GAIA PORTAL: Elementals have Inspired the Clear Higher Dimensional Air

Elementals have Inspired the Clear Higher Dimensional Air
by √ČirePort

Elementals have inspired the clear Higher Dimensional air. There comes now an inbreath of all Hue-manity (and humanity general) of this Elemental-clarified air. The Essence of the new Gaia.

As this Essence is embodied generally, planet wide, Gaia total, including all humanity, animality, plants, elementals, express the Higher D vibrations.

Energetic landmarks have been attained. Up-steps continue, at a pace suited for each. "humanity" continues to develop to "Hue-manity". Rainbow Humanity.

Signs are present everywhere one looks with Higher Eyes. Be aware of those signs, and follow their Guidance, and all proceeds.

√ČirePort | January 6, 2013 at 20:52

The Power of Words & Activating the Future


The Power of Words & Activating the Future

Hello my friends, this is just a quick post to let you know that I'll be joining Deb, Hope, Carrol and Sherie on the Shift is Happening radio show on Blogtalk radio tomorrow.  Deb is doing 7 broadcasts in a row starting January 7th.

As I've said before both here and on previous broadcasts, I am am not fond of anything that hints of organized religion.  I steer clear of terms like "Christ consciousness", and I dislike the expression "Ascended Masters".  I believe that St. Germaine exists in our reality, but I have not met him and therefore I cannot say what he stands for,  or what his symbols stand for.  I have spoken to Deb about this topic several times and explained my position on the use of words and the connotations that can be created by with the use of words.

Deb and I had a long conversation on this topic yesterday and I feel the need to write here my thoughts on this.

In my opinion (and the opinions of a vast assortment of people from many walks of life and experience) Organized Religion is a construct of the Cabal (and their forefathers) to control humanity and control their consciousness.  When you give people rules to live by, tell them what is Right & Wrong and tell them that only a few men in a position of power have the ability to rule over them as their spiritual guides/mentors/fathers/priests/rabbis/etc, then you take consciousness from the people and their right to   decide for themselves what their journey is- what their reason for BEing is.

In my opinion there is a tendency for people to draw back to their safe haven even while searching for freedom.

What I mean is that as many many people are escaping from the hold of organized religion, searching for the freedom of consciousness that they crave, they sometimes create a new paradigm of belief that falls back into the programming of their back-ground, bringing words and ideas and beliefs from the programming they have run away from, into the new paradigm of beliefs that they are discovering. For example : Christ Consciousness or Archangels.

Another Case Where Large Quantities of Gold "WENT MISSING"...LOL!!!

This happened a few months ago, it's another example of gold "mysteriously" vanishing...  -AK



A cargo ship carrying 700 tons of gold ore has vanished late Sunday in the Sea of Okhotsk.  A distress beacon was reportedly activated late Sunday, but Russian rescue operations have had no success locating the wreckage or survivors:

A sonar distress beacon was automatically activated near Feklistov Island in the Shantarsk Archipelago on Sunday, Russia’s Emergency Ministry reported. The tanker Novik was the first to arrive at the scene, but found no wreckage or survivors. The rescue operation was complicated by severe weather, and waves up to four meters high.

In other news, the FED reported Monday that Germany will be allowed to repatriate a portion of it’s gold reserves after all.

Full report on the lost crew, ship, and treasure below:

5 rescue vessels continue the search Monday:

Cargo carrier Amurskoe disappeared in the Sea of Okhotsk while carrying 700 tons of gold ore. Three ships, an amphibious aircraft and a helicopter are undertaking search and rescue operations to find the eight crewmembers of the lost vessel.

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