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RMN: Drake apparently getting new intel sources, now wonders if Obama might be a good guy.
Drake apparently getting new intel sources, now wonders if Obama might be a good guy.

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Date: Monday, 12-Nov-2012 04:56:56
Hi, Folks -

Previous to Sunday, Drake had been pretty regularly "down" on Obama and considered Romney possibly to be the better choice.

I haven't made it all the way through the first hour of the 4-hour recording yet, but in his show Sunday Drake indicated some of the information he'd received previously has proven unreliable. It's not his sources, but the folks who were feeding information _to_ his sources, that appear to have been the cause of it.

Somewhere at about the 38 minute mark, Drake mentioned that the election wasn't about what it seemed to be about. Instead, he indicated, it was a sort of referendum on whether we (the people) wanted to go full-bore ahead with a war profiteering approach.

"If Romney had been elected, it would've taken about three weeks and we would have been in World War III," he said.

"Mr. Obama has done a whole bunch of things I really disagree with," Drake said. But, "We've got an iffy, and that's Obama." He notes that an unusual number of current Cabinet staff, etc., are saying they'll be leaving those positions. Drake observes that it must mean Obama is making some changes that are unusual in their scope for an incumbent. "What would happen if that man turned out to be a good guy...?"

The 4-hour rambling recording can be listened to, here:


GORDON DUFF FOR PRESS TV: Why else did the CIA spymaster resign?

Why else did the CIA spymaster resign?
US General David Petraeus, former CIA chief
By Gordon Duff Columnist for Press TV
Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:55AM GMT

By Gordon Duff
The real issue is dealing with political uncertainty, the difference from what is publicly said, what is publicly seen and what actually exists.”

The United States is undergoing a political maelstrom that, in many ways, parallels what is currently going on in China. Though the election ended days ago, a significant victory for Obama, perceived by most as a repudiation of American support for Netanyahu, the real issues are far more sinister.

Powerful forces within the government are reacting, not just to threats of civil war, assassination and domestic terrorism. There is a vast and well-orchestrated clandestine effort to centralize power behind the presidency, preparation likely to lead to an expansion in executive power.

All competing factions, Pentagon, State Department, CIA and courts face disembowelment by the Obama administration.

Does this represent a change in American policy, both domestic and foreign, or is this a consolidation at the behest of the unseen ruling elites many claim controlled both candidates, Obama and Romney, equally?

BENJAMIN FULFORD: World intervention Saves Obama, Prevents World War 3

The views in this are Ben Fulford's perspective from Japan. Ben often reads North American events in terms of Japanese political sensibilities.  These are not my views although I do agree the changes in authority in various places is highly significant. I find it unlikely Obama is anyone's puppet if he is in such danger.  They do not usually seek to kill puppets they control, they try to kill those they don't control. I do think some groups want to take matters into their own hands and there has been some rumblings of some states (mostly poor ones - other than Texas) seceding  from the Union, but then we've heard that for years from Texas.  

Please send your light, thoughts, prayers for Obama's safety and that of his family.  We need this country to stay in peace and non-violence during the transition. 

The people resigning has my attention and I am keeping a list of high ranking political and military figures that have given resignation or notice of resignation, or otherwise removed from their positions of power.  I will be restricting the list to the G5.  There will no doubt be others outside the G5. -AK

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis 2012-11-12:
World intervention saves Obama, Prevents World War 3

Posted by benjamin
November 12, 2012

The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barack Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other Bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.

He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African-American votes and only 39% of European-American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never-ending American and European war-mongering.

Tell Duality Good Bye. Thank It For The Lessons Learned.

DISCLOSURE: "Phoenix Lights" Triangle UFO
on GOOGLE Earth

Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today is on a roll lately, he's posted and identified the TR-3C triangular space craft which is currently on Google earth at these coordinates: 30°30’38.86″ S /115°22’58.17″ E which was photographed moored in the Australian outback.  

Very interesting article with many details on this space craft and its unusual weapon and energy weapon cannon.  Read it for yourself here:

SaLuSa - November 12, 2012

Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey - November 12, 2012

Dear Ones, matters have rally taken off with the coming of 11.11. which has opened a portal through which much Light has passed through you and into the Earth. Those of you who set the time aside to work with the Light have not only raised your own vibrations, but those of the planet. It is likely that as a result you felt uplifted and light headed, but it will settle down. Perhaps the most noticeable change within you, will be your recognition of a deeper sense of calmness and peace. As you partake in further upliftments, so you will become even more at One, and others will "feel" the powerful energies that you are sending out. You are now in the time you have been waiting for, and as you look around you will see changes taking place everywhere. It will bring joy and happiness into being, and that again will lift the vibrations.

On a personal level nothing is more important than your preparations for Ascension. Whatever form you expect it to take, you will ascend and then all else will follow in quick order. Do not concern yourselves with material things, as all you need will be available to you, and indeed more. The plan for your well being has considered all aspects of your needs, and there will be a smooth transition from your present dimension to the 5th. dimension. Set out to enjoy the experience as it is unique and you are privileged to be one chosen for it. There is absolutely nothing to fear, and every soul will be loved and cared for at every stage. We will be accompanying you and ensure the process passes smoothly, and welcoming you into the higher realms.

Because your minds are otherwise occupied, there is one aspect of your future lives that does not seem to have received much consideration. We refer to your marriages or partnerships as they will relate to the higher dimensions. You will no longer be bound by 3D vows and it will be up to each individual as to whether you wish to continue on the same basis, and you will find that you have much more freedom. Also unlike Earth where attraction is largely of a physical nature, the love of other souls is an exchange of energy that will be quite normal, as those you will be in the presence of will all have a vibration that will be in harmony with yours. However, you can "join" energies at an even higher level and for whatever purpose become as One. It may for example be to serve the Light together, and even introduce another soul in to your world. Such a union is far beyond anything you will have already experienced.

As we have told you before, almost every aspect of your life as you understand it now will change. You will quickly adapt to a new expanded way of life, that will offer you so many opportunities to travel, whereas previously you have been confined to Earth. Not only that, but also into the higher dimensions where some souls are ready to take their place. Your Earth has been referred to as a "prison planet" and it is an accurate description, as because of your low vibration you have been prevented from leaving it. It is also why the Earth's energies have been contained, to prevent them polluting space beyond it.

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