Friday, November 2, 2012

Portal 2012: Updated: Cobra Portal 2012 in Egypt

Friday, November 2, 2012
Updated: Cobra Portal 2012 in Egypt

We have decided to CHANGE our plans for the Egypt 2012 Portal conference at The Great Pyramid. This is a somewhat drastic move at the last minute but we are doing this in order to allow more people to be able to come to Egypt and to be part of this special portal activation on Dec 21st. We are altering our plans radically. Instead of going with a large extended tour package we are going to cut costs and see if we cant get more of our Cobra family to come along.
Time is short but for those who have felt the call and want to participate, now is the time to let the magic happen and make a positive step towards actively participating as ground crew members in anchoring the light at Giza. The plans for fear and war in the Middle East have failed despite last minute attempts by main stream media and false flag activities to convince us differently.

Egypt and her peoples are as warm and wonderful as ever and we are thinking for this Egypt trip to be real simple and easy and it will go like this:
Cobra, Rob, Untwine and a few others have confirmed their attendance in Egypt from Dec. 17th - 22nd. We are inviting anybody and everybody who is in alignment with our prayers for world peace and prosperity for all and an end to tyranny to join us on the Giza plateau for 5 days. 

Distant Signals

Update: 11/08/2012 It appears all YouTube recordings of this episode have been scrubbed from YouTube. There were multiple copies on YouTube but I am unable at this time to find a replacement link.  -AK

I flipped the channels on TV this morning and came across this TV show on cable TV.  Its an old Tales From The Dark Side episode where a visitor from "far away" pays for an aging actor and movie director to complete the last six episodes of a 1960s film noir detective show.

A few things struck me as unusual.  The visitor pays in gold.  He enjoys vintage earth TV shows and has a hidden audience who gladly play to watch them. When the alcoholic actor can't perform due to his addiction, he's giving healing "vitamin pills", and when he can't say his lines he's given direct hands on healing and mental fortification.  

The director laments that no TV network will ever pick up these final episodes of a long dead TV series, the mystery visitor tells him "millions watch your work and appreciate its mythic qualities".  

I'll let you watch the final scene for yourself to learn where the visitor is from!

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