Friday, October 12, 2012

Newly Designed Uncirculated $100 Bills Stolen At Philadelphia International Airport

FBI: 'Large Amount' Of Newly Designed $100 Bills Stolen At Philadelphia International Airport

10/12/12 09:35 PM ET EDT

PHILADELPHIA — The FBI is reporting an unusual heist of some newly designed $100 bills that aren't going into circulation until next year.

Agent Frank Burton Jr. says the cash was stolen from a plane that arrived at Philadelphia International Airport around 10:25 a.m. Thursday from Dallas.

Investigators said these Benjamins are easy to spot. The new bills have sophisticated elements to thwart counterfeiters, like a disappearing Liberty Bell in an orange inkwell and a bright blue security ribbon.

The FBI said a "large amount" of bills were stolen, but agents aren't giving specifics.

The theft was reported by a courier service transporting the C-notes when the shipment arrived Thursday afternoon at the Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford, N.J. Officials then discovered some of the money was missing.

New Unreleased $100 Bills Stolen

Posted: Oct 12, 2012 7:20 PM PDT
Updated: Oct 12, 2012 7:22 PM PDT
By Shawnette Wilson, Reporter

A daring heist of a large amount of cash. This isn't just any old money. It's new and unreleased. Your bank won't see this newly designed $100 bill until next year but someone else already has their hands on a large number of them.

Special Agent John Kitzinger with the FBI said,"Thefts and crimes happen all the time here in Philadelphia unfortunately but this is the first of this nature that we've experienced here."

The Feds say it was 10:25 Thursday morning when a plane from Dallas transporting the money arrived at Philadelphia International Airport. From there a courier service took the money to the Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford New Jersey. But not all of it got there. By 2pm a portion of the money was reported stolen.

"We would ask for any merchants or anyone who comes in contact with anyone attempting to pass the money to contact the FBI immediately," said Special Agent Kitzinger. You can contact the FBI at 215-418-4000.

GAIA PORTAL: Prosperity Paradigms Sufficiently in Place…

Prosperity Paradigms Sufficiently in Place…

October 12, 2012

Widening of all local portals results from the 10-10. Expansion in regional size and intensity of permitted Light flow via these portals. This occurs in agreement with Gaia intention to expand attraction of Higher Dimensions to maximum number of un-wakened humans.

Number and width of Gaia portals have increased 444 fold via the 10-10. Allowing increased passage of Galactic contacts, both 3D-4D visible, and Higher thought forms. The 10-10 additionally lowered resistance in general humanity to Disclosure concepts, by factor of 44.

Paradigms of Prosperity are sufficiently in place for next steps.

Operational details are revealed as Ground Crews align with local portals.

SaLuSa, October 12, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, October 12, 2012

SaLuSa, October 12, 2012

We like you have had to experience delays, but as long as we can still complete our tasks as planned it does not cause us much concern. We can easily adjust to the different situations we confront, but for you it means more frustration because we cannot necessarily give you anything other than the bare details of what is happening. Viewing your activities we see so many groups grasping the mantle of freedom, and doing good work that is speeding up the inevitable end of the last cabal. We shall be there to give them a final push into oblivion, so that they will no longer pose a threat to you or us. That will be the signal for us to go speeding ahead with our mission. With the best will in the world the collapse of the economy is imminent and cannot be avoided. What you are seeing is the last desperate attempts of the dark Ones to hang on to what they still have, but their power is dwindling very quickly.

Some governments that we have contacted are alive to the changes and ready to co-operate, whilst others are reluctant and try to maintain the old system. The truth is no matter what they do to prevent it, the changes are coming and they will be unable to avoid having to take part. It does not matter what political persuasion is involved, like every other country they will have no alternative but to change. The solutions that we offer to overcome your problems are the only answers that will enable a fairly quick result. They will keep the inconvenience to you down to a minimum, and understanding the necessity for them will ensure the plans are well supported.

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