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We Have an Answer!

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Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on the Light Agenda – Part 2/2

Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda Part 2/2


Posted by Stephen Cook
Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda Part 2/2

This is Part 2 of my interview with author and Galactic messenger Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda from August 9, 2012. Thanks to Ellen for the transcript.

Part 1 of this transcript is here:

Sheldan first went public with the messages he received from his Sirian star brothers and sisters in 1992. He has since written several books, including You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, and continues to share his messages with us every week and host monthly webinars. We talk about Sheldan’s childhood, family and what lies ahead with regards Ascension, Disclosure and December 21 – and more.

You can listen to the full The Light Agenda interview here:

SaLuSa, September 21, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, September 21, 2012
SaLuSa, September 21, 2012

Because everything is in the now we do not view things as you do, and we see the overall picture which shows that completion of this cycle will work out as intended. Once you have ascended then you will move into a new era and benefit from the upliftment in the energies, and your greater level of consciousness. All that is due to you by way of changes that will rapidly come into being, and at last you will be free from the attention of the dark Ones. There is no place in the new dimension for anything that is less, and you will be able to feel the heightened vibrations. It will be quite a new experience to know that every other person with you is of the same vibrations, and to be trusted and honest in all of their contact with you.

The Golden Age will take you far, and if you have ever wondered what Heaven would be like it is the nearest you will get to it. The sheer harmony in all life will be so apparent, and it will be a joy to be alive and experience it. Since all your needs will be supplied, you will enjoy a level of happiness and satisfaction seldom felt at present. Duality by its very nature was always going to be a severe test of your ability to hold on to the truth, and yet in spite of the pressures you have emerged and moved into the Light. Keep your place in it secure and intact and do not allow doubt to creep in, but focus on all that is of the higher vibrations.


Updated: 9/23/2012 I sent this inquiry to Benjamin Fulford:

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 12:11:54 -0700

Can you or your sources confirm this?  I have a concern this might be a Lydon LaRouche PR stunt to attract Ron Paul followers.  Would like to know also what Keenan thinks of this?

Fulford Benjamin
8:21 PM (14 hours ago)

to me 

Several groups have done copycats of what Neil Keenan did but if the men with guns ignore it, then it is just an empty gesture. 

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン  


This was posted at this Australian blog of all places, the UCC filings are indeed real.  What I don't know if its anything related to what Neil Keenan is doing or if this is an independent effort. My comments are in red, all others in black are the original author's writing. -AK

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012


The US Dept of Treasury is set to foreclose on “the Fed” by virtue of filing a UCC-1 financing statement and a lien on the Federal Reserve System.

The IRS and other parties is/are also listed as a Secured Party Creditor in accordance with the IRS becoming a benevolent organsization.

It’s a UCC Financing statement  (File #0000000181425776) AMENDMENT which was done on August 12th of this year.  And you know who the debtor and secured parties are?

Debtor Information for File Number: 0000000181425776
Name Address


[Note: See photo above -AK]


[Note: The above is US Treasury address, not sure why its here and below, except for possibly the intermingling of FED and TREASURY in the same offices.  -AK

Further note:  The Treasury Building is used primarily for executive offices, the Secretary of the Treasury and Deputy Secretary occupying suites on the third floor. Despite its size, the Building can accommodate only about 10 percent of all Treasury personnel located in Washington.]



See Saw

We begin today our 18th Quest! (for the next 7 days, this blog will coincide with Notes from the Love Quest, which is a Face Book Event)

We are in a fast moving, spectacular time in our lives and in the life of our planet.  With each passing day, we become more aware of our unity.  We are inextricably entangled, creating and experiencing the results of our work simultaneously.  As time speeds up, it becomes more and more challenging to separate out where things start and where they end.

We are on this Quest to explore Agape.  Unconditional self love takes on a much larger scope when Oneness is part of your self definition.  We are indeed the same stuff.  This week will be about what that looks like in our every day.

Quantum physicists speak of entanglement.  Entanglement IS the dream.  We are walking and talking, loving and living in a mutually agreed upon reality.  I exist on a back drop of what you believe you see around me.  I most likely agree with your perception.

As we wake up, our consciousness expands to include other beings, dimensions, truths and possibilities.  We see things we never noticed before.  We are gradually realizing our world works much differently than we were taught.

We are One.  What does that mean?  It means that in some intricate and beautiful way, we are connected.  To illustrate, imagine being on the other end of my stick, sort of like a see-saw.  When I sit down, you can’t help but be affected.  You feel my reaction, and immediately I feel yours – up, down, up, down.  In the same sense, you sense my pain, my joy, my love and my anger.  You have to.  This is how life works.  We are One organism, opposite ends of the same stick.

We are becoming aware now of the power we hold.  It has been deliberately manipulated so that we’d compete with and fight and fear each other.  We are not each others enemy.  We are connected, very literally.  To perpetrate anger at another being only intensifies pain, illness, war and hatred.  The results of each are internalized in all of us.  No one escapes.  We are One.

When you look in the mirror today, with gentle smiling eyes, say hello to the world.  Love who you see standing there.  He is a child of God.  She is walking divinity.

As we inch towards Agape, we will alter our world.  That smile and gentle encouragement is felt by every bit of life in existence.  We have access now to this truth.  With help from many places and races, our minds and hearts are opening up.

As we individually love, it all changes.  Generosity and compassion become the order of the day.  Empowerment insists on it.

Love yourself and we will be blessed exponentially.  We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,

Lehman Brothers found liable for losses by Australian councils, charities and churches

Lehman Brothers found liable for losses by Australian councils, charities and churches
From: ABC September 21, 2012 5:28PM

A FEDERAL Court judge has ruled that investment bank Lehman Brothers is liable for millions of dollars of losses incurred by Australians as a result of failed investments.

A group of 72 councils, charities, churches and private investors sued Lehman Brothers for $248 million, claiming the now defunct investment bank breached contracts and fiduciary duties, and engaged in misleading and negligent conduct.

They were seeking compensation for losses incurred on investments made on advice from Grange Securities, which was bought by Lehman Brothers Australia in 2007.

The plaintiffs claimed the bank did not make them aware of the risks involved with investing in complex financial products known as synthetic collateralised debt obligations (SCDOs).

Leading the action against Lehman Brothers was Wingecarribee Shire Council, southwest of Sydney, which sought $21.4 million in losses.

Justice Steven Rares said Grange knew the SCDOs were risky, illiquid and if sold might be realised at far less than their face value.

“For these reasons Grange is liable to compensate the councils for their losses incurred as a result of these investments,” he said.

He did not make an order on the amount of damages and instead will hear submissions on the matter on November 5.


Oneness is Non-Negotiable

Oneness is non-negotiable
September 21, 2012 by John Smallman

The essential changes that humanity needs to make in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in order to restore the normal, necessary, loving, and peaceful conditions in which you can relate to one another on every level are occurring very rapidly now.  Humanity’s region of the divine energy field — your field of consciousness — continues to strengthen and intensify as more and more of you become aware of how each one of you can and does effect it, and then very positively makes the intent to do so.  A wonderful Light is now bathing your beautiful planet and is clearly visible to all who wish to see it.  You are making astounding progress on your path to awakening, and even those who are the least aware of the spiritual dimension that is your identity will be unable to remain unaware for very much longer.  Then they too will add to the ever-growing brilliance of the Light that envelops you all.

It gives enormous joy and satisfaction to us in the spiritual realms as we observe the exponentially expanding field of love that you are creating around you to meld with God’s.  We have been with you, helping and encouraging you for eons, and now the results of our joint efforts are becoming clear.  So much progress has been achieved in just the last few decades!  God’s Will is demonstrably shown being perfectly accomplished.

Gaia Portal: Gaia Energy Conduit Clarification
has Accelerated...

Gaia Energy Conduit Clarification has Accelerated…

September 21, 2012

The process of clarifying Gaia energy conduits has been accelerated to enable rapid dissolution of anharmonics introduced during recent portal activations. Acceleration will continue through the 10-10 gateway.

Those affected by this acceleration will sense a rapid withdrawal from standard activities. Such are not aligned with the Higher D energies currently processing throughout Gaia.

Alignments with Higher aspects of Source continue as planned.

Childhood Victims of Illuminati Abuse Speak Out!

This is a new blog that has appeared on the Internet that I got a recent tip on. This is a subject that has been knocking on my door for the past month.  Its not one I have personal experience with... thankfully!  But many do.  Its a dark subject.  One I don't really like to think about. 

I had my own history in the Herbert W Armstrong fundamentalist religious cult, and that was bad enough.  But it was never as dark or overt as what the Illuminati do to children society lets fall through the cracks, and in many cases their own children.  What I did learn from my experience, and helping others escape the mind traps of cult life, is that gaining one's voice is a truly healing exercise.  Part of cult control is isolation, but once people begin to speak and tell their story, that isolation is broken, the silent spell of control is broken.

The following blog is the voice of the child victims of Illuminati mind programming and ritual abuse. There's been many web articles on this subject, but very few first hand accounts and recollections of what has actually gone on.  

The number of these children, many now adults, run into the millions.  They've been stigmatized, ridiculed, and worst yet, denied their voice because the things they have experienced are just just too horrible to believe.  That's the way the Illuminati work, utter unbelievable depravity behind the scenes, and a bright cheery corporate logo and smile to the public.  Normal decent humans have a tough time believing anyone can be this depraved with adults, let along innocent children.  The childhood victims of Illuminati abuse are finding their voice.  It is indeed time.  -AK

We are the Light

Fear keeps us hidden and silent. The time for us to speak is now.  We are your teachers, neighbors, aunts, cousins, friends and uncles.  You could not pick us out in a crowd.  In some cases, we don’t even know who we are.

I remember.  I got away.  I was not the only one.  There are millions of us.  We have jobs, children, pets and mundane problems.  We also share a history that would sound like a nightmare or a sick, dark fantasy.

It was, yet we did not succumb.  Something within us was invincible.  We grew up believing that we were alone.  Today, with the exposure of the Illuminati mind control programming, we are realizing there was and is a network of methodical treatment which we were a part of.  This comes as a shock to us.  We assumed it was personal and we were defective.  We are waking up to the truth.  We are one of the keys to the fall of the cabal, as we know their methods intimately.  We would recognize them anywhere.

There are so many stories now of the process and horror inflicted upon us.  You may have questioned how it could be possible?  And then, if it is true, where are all these children?  Did they all perish?  Were they orphans?  Did their families know?  How could this go on in the twentieth century?

It goes on in stores after closing, on large pieces of private property, inside of homes and in empty offices.  It is not just children.  Adults as well are involved. They are the castaways, the runaways, the mentally challenged, the indigent; as well as the children of the members of the cult.

It happens day and night, weekdays or weekends, with one or two or hundreds.  It is real and it is happening right now.

You may have heard of Bohemian Grove.  Well that “mock sacrifice” is only mock because these guys don’t want to get their hands dirty with the real thing.  They are fully aware of what they are enacting.  It excites them.

The Illuminati are all about power.  You and I mean nothing to them.  They do not believe our actions could stop them.  Any disruption in their plan is mere inconvenience.  There is always another plan.

I know.  I witnessed, and some would say cooperated in a multitude of rituals and sacrifices.  I was not yet a year old when they began.

Why this blog?  Because right now humanity has a chance to stop them.  This will not always be true; it lasts until the end of this year of 2012.  If the New World Order is established before then, there will be no freedom.  This must end.

They are in every facet of society and their puppets fill in the cracks where they are not.  It is time to take any action you can.  It is your neighbors who are losing their homes, your sons and daughters who are dying in combat, your fellow man who is starving and your mother who is suffering from disease.  We mean nothing to them.  Another death or loss does not add to their guilt as they have none.

Everything that is going wrong in our world has been orchestrated by the Illuminati.  Drugs, disease, education, money, war and governments are tools.  Each life taken is a means to an end.  They do not understand love.  Their children were trained in manipulation; each of them was born into a job they must carry out.  They exist to control and to own.

This is real.  They feed on fear, anger and violence.  They are hell bent on inciting World War III. It is that vibration in which they flourish.  As you read these words or other similar stories, accept that they may be true without becoming emotionally distraught.  That frequency of fear is what they are counting on.  A planet of people too horrified to move forward and embrace their own power would be a simple thing to control, and to own.

I am not sure where this blog is going.  I began here because I wanted to honor those children and adults lost to the criminal activity of these groups, while also say that we are not all gone or in hiding.  Some of us, many of us, got away.  We are here for a reason.  We may very well be the many lights that remained to dispel the darkness they have created.

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