Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bonds of Density

Marching along the green grass before me is the gaggle of geese, the lame one hopping and fluttering in their midst, while that huge white bird dives again and again into the water, beneath the hawk circling high overhead – it’s dinnertime on my last day here.  It’s as if they’ve all shown up to say goodbye. 

Next week school begins.  I will miss this beautiful lake, tucked in between the suburbs.  Minnow buckets and fishing poles remind me from where I came.  This is a part of me I’ll keep.

We are being asked to let go.  As I sit here I wonder if there is something else I should be doing, because frankly I don’t get it.  The advent of school begins a four month countdown until 12.21.12.  Four months!  We’ve finished 2/3 of this pivotal year.

Is it possible there is something I missed?  It feels right in front of me, yet not.  An hour has passed since I got to the lake today.  How can that be?  Did I fall asleep? I’m consistently tired, and yet there are times I can’t sleep at all.  My internal motor turned on again today and now I am humming.  There are sparkles of energy shooting up and down my limbs.

I read about the necessity of chakra activations and third eye openings and I don’t connect with any of it.  What’s happening for me is organic and without a name.  I feel it yet I have no words to adequately define it.  I cannot in good conscience tell you what you will experience or how.  I can only tell you to trust that you will.

These definitions and deadlines and processes we are reading about are all subjective.  I’m coming to disbelieve in dates.  Now, I have children and obligations so I must therefore pay attention to the calendar and the clock, but it is a challenge.

As we move toward Oneness I find each definition and name more divisive than helpful.  If this process is anything at all it is internal.  I guess I am letting go – releasing my stranglehold on perfection and blame.

That’s not to say it’s gone – lately I notice opinions in every corner of my psyche.  It would seem my ego is not happy about the idea of moving on – she has filled my head with doubt and judgment.

Homemade bread, peach cobbler and a rich stew fill my house with delicious aromas – I cook when I feel uncertain.  Something about the smell and sight of freshly prepared food settles me.  Perhaps I’m looking for home.

This accelerated passage of time creates a sense of being late to the party.  It’s illusory – there will come a moment of “no time” to make and “no other” to judge.  I can feel this happening already.

We chose this.  When the energy of ascension or whatever you are calling it overwhelms you, remember this was a ride you stood in line a long time to get on.  It’s an amazing trip, one you’ll never forget. This lake and these birds are part of the landscape and forever imprinted on my mind.  I am so grateful for them.

Another hour has passed.  The birds here have settled in for the night and I will do the same soon.  With all the symptoms, energies and changes – we are human; sparks of divinity poking at us from the inside, faster and faster now, just itching to be free.

Maybe it’s not time that’s moving faster.  Perhaps it’s us.  We’ve waited for so long for this freedom to be ours and we can sense it getting closer.  These symptoms are nothing more than us – straining at the bonds of density, pulling us up towards the light that we are.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Assange Or Corzine? Priorities are a bitch.

Guest Post: Assange Or Corzine?

Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics
Assange Or Corzine?
Priorities are a bitch.
The United States won’t prosecute Corzine for raiding segregated customer accounts, but will happily convene a Grand Jury in preparation for prosecuting Julian Assange forexposing the truth about war crimes.
From the New York Times:
A criminal investigation into the collapse of the brokerage firm MF Global and the disappearance of about $1 billion in customer money is now heading into its final stage without charges expected against any top executives. After 10 months of stitching together evidence on the firm’s demise, criminal investigators are concluding that chaos and porous risk controls at the firm, rather than fraud, allowed the money to disappear, according to people involved in the case.
But nobody knows how much dirt Corzine has on other Wall Street crooks. Not only may Corzine get away with corzining MF Global’s clients’ funds, he may well end up with a whole raft of seed money to play with from those former colleagues and associates who might prefer he remain silent regarding other indiscretions he may be aware of.
But the issue at hand is the sense that we have entered a phase of exponential criminality and corruption. A slavering crook like Corzine who stole $200 million of clients’ funds can walk free. Meanwhile, a man who exposed evidence of serious war crimes is for that act so keenly wanted by US authorities that Britain has threatened to throw hundreds of years of diplomatic protocol and treaties into the trash and raid the embassy of another sovereign state to deliver him to a power that seems intent not only to criminalise him, but perhaps even to summarily execute him. The Obama administration, of course, has made a habit of summary extrajudicial executions of those that it suspects of terrorism, and the detention and prosecution of whistleblowers. And the ooze of large-scale financial corruption, rate-rigging, theft and fraud goes on unpunished.

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Chinese Companies Pull Out of US Stock Markets

Chinese firms leave US stock markets amid complaints about price, accounting scrutiny
By Joe Mcdonald, AP Business Writer
Associated Press
Tue, Aug 14, 2012 9:04 AM EDT

A Chinese man walks past a TV advertising screen by Focus Media Holding Ltd. on display near an apartment lift in Beijing Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012. Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges. This week, Focus Media Holding Ltd., announced its chairman and private equity firms want to buy back its U.S.-traded shares and take the Shanghai-based advertising company private. The deal would value Focus Media at $3.5 billion, according to financial information firm Dealogic. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

BEIJING (AP) -- Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges.

This week, Focus Media Holding Ltd., announced its chairman and private equity firms want to buy back its U.S.-traded shares and take the Shanghai-based advertising company private. The deal would value Focus Media at $3.5 billion, according to financial information firm Dealogic.

Smaller companies also are withdrawing from U.S. exchanges. In a sign of official encouragement, a Chinese business magazine said a state bank has provided $1 billion in loans to help companies with listings abroad move them to domestic exchanges.

The withdrawals follow accusations of improper accounting by some companies and a deadlock between Beijing and Washington over whether U.S. regulators can oversee their China-based auditors.

Some Chinese companies say they are pulling out of U.S. markets because a low share price fails to reflect the strength of their business. Withdrawing also eliminates the cost of complying with American financial reporting rules.

Twelve Insight ~ There Is No Objective Reality

Twelve Insight ~ There Is No Objective Reality
Posted on August 12, 2012 by Gillian
Twelve Insight

When you begin to realize that your world is subject to your thoughts rather than vice versa, you will understand just how much you belong here. You are not outside of this world. You’re not an independent observer. There is no such thing as objective reality because there are no objective observers. You are in the mix and you are vibrating constantly. And your every vibration alters the shape of the physical life experience that is forming around you.

This physical universe is dependent upon you being there to observe it. You give it the form. You provide the matrix around which source energy forms itself. You are the grid. You are so much more than you think yourself to be.

“Well then Twelve,” you may ask, “if I’m so in charge, then how did this all get so much out of control?”

And we say it is simply because you did not know the power of your own mind-body; your imagination as creator, and your emotions as your alignment indicator. You are magnificent, living, thriving creators immersed on the leading edge of the glorious expansion of All That Is. And if you’ll allow your natural joy to emerge, allow it to be easy, that mess will clean itself right up. When you realize your Spirit, your broader nonphysical self connected with Source, has everything under control, then you will recognize that all that other stuff, that out-of-control stuff, is none of your business anyway. Someone else is creating all that.

There have been few times more exciting than these. (The very beginning was quite thrilling.) You are all awakening together into the realization that your world is a dream, and that you are the dreamer. And now that you know, you can choose to be awake within this dream. And when you are awake within the dream you discover that you direct all the elements of the dream. You are in relationship with all the elements within the dream. So it is with your natural world. Awake and allow, relax and enjoy.

You are adored and your world adores you. The fairies and the angels of the Universe are lined up to assist you.


Nationalize Money, Not Banks by Herman Daly

This is an interesting article but seems to leave the banks in control of the wealth they have collected over hundreds of years and does nothing to address the accumulation of world wealth in less than 1% of the population. Daly has a statist outlook as he see's the government as "the collective" rather than the servant of the people. Daly continues to preach the gospel according to Milton Keynes while desiring to tweak it.  Kind of like how Gorbachev wanted to create a kinder gentler communism.

His proposal skips over the consequences of the transition to 100% reserves.  It seems to me to strengthen the position of the bankers which can only come by enforcing austerity on the people who need bank money during the period of transition to 100% reserves.  But still, its amazing honesty from a former World Bank official, to point out the basic structural flaw with the current system of banking and lending. 

I pointed this out this flaw in fiat money in my college macroeconomics class and was laughed at by my professor.  If I have learned one thing in my half century of life, is that if something isn't logical, its the logic is flawed, not the person pointing it out. And no amount of ridicule of those who question the nonsense will make it any less nonsensical.  Every ponzi scheme has its day of reckoning.

I still don't trust them with fiat money however. A gold or precious metal basket of currency keeps them all honest.  The Chinese are way ahead of Herman Daly.  -AK

Nationalize Money, Not Banks by Herman Daly

July 30, 2012

In the article below, Herman Daly, a University of Maryland and former World Bank economist, makes the case for 100% reserves. This reform, once a principle goal of important economists, would terminate the ability of the banking system to create credit to finance its own speculations and return the power over money to the government from private banks.

Herman Daly is one of the few economists who are capable of thinking outside the box and who can devise reforms that benefit the people rather than the vested interests.

Nationalize Money, Not Banks
Herman Daly
Emeritus Professor University of Maryland School of Public Policy

If our present banking system, in addition to fraudulent and corrupt, also seems “screwy” to you, it should. Why should money, a public utility (serving the public as medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account), be largely the by-product of private lending and borrowing? Is that really an improvement over being a by-product of private gold mining, as it was under the gold standard? The best way to sabotage a system is hobble it by tying together two of its separate parts, creating an unnecessary and obstructive connection. Why should the public pay interest to the private banking sector to provide a medium of exchange that the government can provide at little or no cost? Why should seigniorage (profit to the issuer of fiat money) go largely to the private sector rather than entirely to the government (the commonwealth)?

Is there not a better away? Yes, there is. We need not go back to the gold standard. Keep fiat money, but move from fractional reserve banking to a system of 100% reserve requirements. The change need not be abrupt—we could gradually raise the reserve requirement to 100%. Already the Fed has the authority to change reserve requirements but seldom uses it. This would put control of the money supply and seigniorage entirely with the government rather than largely with private banks. Banks would no longer be able to live the alchemist’s dream by creating money out of nothing and lending it at interest. All quasi-bank financial institutions should be brought under this rule, regulated as commercial banks subject to 100% reserve requirements.

Libor Scandal: US Regulators Summon Seven Banks 

Libor scandal: US regulators summon seven banks

Pressure on the banking sector over the Libor-rigging scandal was ramped up after it emerged that seven banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC, have been issued with subpoenas in the US.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen are jointly investigating and have requested information from JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, state-backed lender Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC.

By Angela Monaghan, and Szu Ping Chan
8:05AM BST 16 Aug 2012

The threat of prosecutions loomed closer as authorities in New York and Connecticut became the latest to widen the investigation into the alleged manipulation of the interbank lending rate.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen are jointly investigating and have requested information from JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, state-backed lender Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC. UBS, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup were also named in the report by Bloomberg.

Ralph Silva, a banking analyst at SRN, said: "This is actually a bit surprising. We expected to hear more banks being served with Libor subpoenas, but we didn’t expect to see them all happen at the same time.
"It’s quite clear that over the past six months [regulators] have put a tremendous amount of resources into this, and it looks like all those investigations are coming to a head right about now."

Portal 2012: White Nobility

I don't know enough about these factions of elites to even comment on this.  I present it as Cobra posted it.  

For those reading this who come from an American "Christian perspective", keep in mind the meaning of "occult" knowledge simply means hidden (or sometimes suppressed) knowledge. For example: In medicine "occult blood" is simply blood that his hidden from view. The word "occult" tends to carry a different negative connotation (usually associated with the Devil) in Christian circles.    The usage in this post has everything to do with God. "Goddess" refers to the feminine creative aspect of the Divine.  Its not accidental that Western and Middle Eastern main stream religions have a bias against females, have oppressed women and do not allow females in their religious hierarchies.  This is by design.  Women have suffered from this perspective and dis-respect of the Divine feminine energy present in women and creation.  It is a woman who creates a baby.  Its women who keep civilization together.  Its women who nurture children into adults.

I try to avoid use of gender pronouns when referring to the Creator Source, if you don't think gender affects the way you look at God, try using a different pronoun than the one you commonly use and see how it affects the way you feel about the Source of All things.  Its an interesting exercise to try.  

Some day humans will respect all aspects of God.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
White Nobility

I have received instructions to reveal some occult information to the public.

This is the first among several blog posts that will reveal to the general public some positive groups that have never been revealed yet and have worked towards the liberation of the planet, some of them for millennia.

The first of those groups is the White Nobility. During human history, not all aristocratic families have associated themselves with the Cabal. Many have resisted passively, some even actively. Noblesse oblige was not an empty phrase for them but an actual imperative to help the less fortunate remainder of humanity. The most famous among White Nobility families are the Medicis that helped to bring about the Renaissance which laid the foundation of our modern world.

This Is The Beginning Of A Huge Step Forward For You

Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 15, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Once again this day we greet you with news of great change.  Many of you are wondering what is happening.  Please maintain your centers and we will explain.

You have been told of the nine days of vastly increased energies, and you know of the alignment of the planets which has occurred.  Now it may seem at first as if everything is falling apart for you.  Actually what is happening is that the things which still need to be cleared for you are surfacing from their hidden corners of your beings.  We have told you of the possibility of this, as well.  Do not become involved with these things.  Hold your centers and observe, yes.  And then release them from your attention and allow them to go on their way.  Send them back to Creator.  You have no need of them any longer.  Replace them with all of the unconditional love you can breathe into yourselves.

This is the beginning of a huge step forward for you.  Allow the new self which you have carefully crafted to handle it and you will step past it quite well.  We see many of you doing just so, and are once again smiling as we see your surprise with yourselves.

Sheldan Nidle - August 14, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

2 Batz, 19 Pop, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We come again with some interesting news. At present our Inner Earth allies are finishing up the multifarious activities that are preparing your world for its new reality. The dark cabal is busy with a broad-based and complex delaying tactic, but as we keep telling them, this plan is headed for failure. These cabalists need to accept the fact that the realm the Anunnaki created for them nearly 13 millennia ago is rapidly collapsing as the Light suffuses every corner of it. This suffusing has primed your world for an entirely new reality which is now manifesting with great aplomb! This is the time for new governance, new prosperity, and for the series of formal announcements informing you about it all. A full disclosure of who we are and why we have come to your world will be included in the broadcasts. Your move into full consciousness is a vital part of the unfolding of the divine plan, which means that we have a clear responsibility to use our divine offices to ensure your complete liberation from the clutches of the dark cabal. This we are actively engaged upon. In this regard it is important that the present accords agreed to by the dark be honored by them.

Your world is undergoing a final and short delay prior to the activation of the measures that will bring in the new governance and the new economic-financial setup. During this short phase, our Earth allies will check out and secure the many steps that will ensure that these profound changes happen as seamlessly and swiftly as possible. To this end we are instructing the pro-change contingents in your police and military services about what needs to be done to accomplish the necessary arrests in such a way that essential services to the public are not disrupted. In addition, we will dispatch our personnel to take up key positions in order to maintain these services. Naturally, our remit goes beyond the mere safeguarding of your civic infrastructure; we intend to use this opportunity to improve your electrical, gas, and other sundry utilities. We will be carrying out some 'first stage' improvements to your somewhat primitive technology in this area in order to prepare for the much more advanced stuff to follow. These will be introduced once the initial government announcements are completed.

SaLuSa, August 15, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, August 15, 2012

We are entering the closing stages of the preparations for Ascension, and that requires a great deal of co-operation from our Allies. To dismantle the web of corruption, and the corporations that have been empowered by the Illuminati, has been a mammoth task and is still proceeding. Bear in mind that the plan of the dark Ones was established over 200 years ago, and its tentacles have penetrated almost every facet of your existence. Like a cancer it has quickly spread until it has become difficult to completely eliminate, but we have been able to bring it to a halt. Our allies have been using the very circumstances that the dark Ones have created, to turn it in upon themselves and have seriously weakened their power structure.

The removal of many top members of the Illuminati proceeds, and in general there is a build up to remove others who are their pawns in the political and Government circles. It is going well and will soon open up opportunities to move nearer to Disclosure, and get organized for the advancement of other projects. Believe us Dear Ones, we are well behind those who are carrying the responsibility for getting things really off the ground. We will all breath a sigh of relief when at last we can be seen to openly work with you. One aspect of your upliftment proceeds regardless of any activities to hold up your progress, and that is the amount of Light being received by you. It is pouring upon the Earth from many sources, many of which are outside of your solar system. You are in a Galactic shift of immense power and by now you are beginning to feel the changes.

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