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First Day of Zen Garden School

Neglected Personal Issues Are Arising, Sometimes Very Forcefully Indeed


07/25/2012 by John Smallman
Awakening — the fabulous event to which so many are looking forward with great expectancy — is on course and on schedule to arrive precisely as intended by humanity’s collective will, which is now sufficiently in alignment with God’s to ensure that there will be no reversals or turning back.  The end, the destination, is clearly defined and cannot be avoided.  Therefore release all your worries and anxieties.  What you are hoping for, praying for, longing for is not an insane and imaginary concept, dreamt up by a few wishful thinkers.  It is Reality, your eternal Home, which the illusion has kept shrouded in fog and hidden from you for far too long.

It is, and always has been, your intent to awaken (you had just lost your way temporarily in dreamland), and the moment for that to occur is fast approaching. Your will is to awaken, and God’s Will is for you to awaken; you just allowed yourselves to be distracted from Reality by the enticements of the illusion for a moment or two, and now they no longer hold any interest for you.  You intensely desire to awaken, and as the intensity of that desire spreads throughout humanity it will no longer be denied.

Every human is engaged in the unavoidable process of addressing the personal issues that he has neglected or denied, whatever the reason maybe, as they break into his conscious mind, sometimes very forcefully indeed.  For those who have been unaware of their spiritual side — or who have been avoiding considering the possibility that they may have one! — these issues, arising in their awareness unbidden, can be very alarming.  Some may think they are going mad, others may feel that they are about to have a nervous breakdown.

A Mass Meditation / Creative Visualization For The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012

God bless Blossom for this effort!  I've got a brother over there! -AK


A Mass Meditation / Creative Visualisation For The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012

- Friday July 27th.



A beautiful friend of mine wrote with a suggestion that … if we all ‘play our part’ could TRULY get this show on the road!

He felt … KNOWING THE POWER OF ONE … that we could unite together and really make THE OPENING CEREMONY OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES 2012 FRIDAY JULY 27th … A DAY TO REMEMBER.



A note from my friend:

Notwithstanding all the corporatocracy that seems to have insinuated itself in ever-increasing amounts into THE OLYMPICS nevertheless this grand showcase of humble Beings excelling to the peak of their physical abilities is a HUGELY POSITIVE event that raises spirits and unites common peoples from around the Earth.

Therefore this is a wonderful opportunity for nd the world to UNITE and TUNE-IN and amplify this beautiful SPIRIT OF UNITY. What’s more it is an event that is going to be watched amazing as it may seem by an estimated 4 billion people worldwide.

(Many thanks to him for his Divinely inspired idea.)

So please find below :


SaLuSa - July 25, 2012

Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey - July 25, 2012

We have been with you for a long, long time and like you are looking forward to the end of duality. You have faced tremendous challenges but responded to the Light and Love that has been directed towards you from many different sources. The higher powers behind the Plan for your enlightenment have been proved to have made the right decisions, as you now stand on the threshold of Ascension. No two of you have had identical experiences, yet so many of you are now ready to take those final steps of upliftment and ascend. As your race slipped down into the Dark Ages what little Light that existed was suppressed, and individuals were kept quiet with the threat of death for speaking out.

Today you have much more freedom of speech, yet those who tell too much of the truth are still in fear of their lives. Naturally we will support and protect such Beings, as long as it does not interfere with their life plan. We and also the Angelic Kingdom can give complete protection if necessary, and some extremely important souls have had to be saved more times than you would possibly expect. Of course in your own way, you are all important and each one of you does have Angels that keep with you throughout your life. There are no coincidences where happenings are of major importance to you, yet you may not even be aware of what has taken place.

An Interview With Gary Hardin (4 Parts)

UPDATED 8/19/12: These Aren't the Same Man

CW sent me this photo comparison of two James Holmes photos from the media.  
They don't look like the same man to me, unless he's nose job, ear pinning, and redone eyes.
Very strange.

Photo sent to me by CW

Photo Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

Photo Courtesy (added 7/29/12)

Updated: 7/27/12 Reader GC sends the following:
My take on the two pics of "James Holmes"

Description of "Holmes" photos is as follows:

01: Best alignment. Subjects left ear was used as main alignment point.
Resized pic slightly so ear sizes matched.

02: Moved the faces apart vertically while keeping eyes and bridge of nose aligned.

03: Shrunk black haired pic till the noses matched in size. Aligned nostrils.

The nose is WAY off. So is the eye spacing.
Look at how small the first pic needed to be shrunk to make noses same size.
Black haired subject nose and head in general is larger.

Left ear was similar in both pics.

Feel free to reprint this email in your blog.

Enjoy, GC

A different reader sent me a link to a Sorcha Faal article on James Holmes that mentions his father is an algorithm expert in high frequency trading.  Normally I view the Sorcha Faal website kind of like The Lord of the Rings (actually The Lord of the Rings might have more truth), all it lacks is the Orcs and the Gollum.  Sorcha Faal has created more disinformation than any other website on the net.  So any reader who goes there beware.  But occasionally it drops a bombshell.  The thing about Sorcha Faal is they are famous for linking to websites that supposedly prove what they say, yet if you bother to trace the trail often no such proof is there.  But some us pay attention to footnotes.

There seems to be a thread of truth in this one, but not exactly as stated in Sorcha Faal.  I haven't been able to verify any link yet to James's father Robert Holmes and high frequency trading or an upcoming Senate testimony on high frequency trading.   Perhaps some of my readers can find that.  I did get a hit here but I can't tell if its the same man.  There are a lot of Robert Holmes's.  I was not aware Fair Isaac was involved in high frequency trading algorithms.

The link on Sorcha Faal does go to a LinkedIn profile for a Robert Holmes who is a Senior Lead Scientist and algorithm expert at Fair Isaac Company (FICO) (founded by Engineer Bill Fair and Mathematician Earl Isaac).   Robert Holmes does live in San Diego and James has relatives who live here.  This looks like this could be the correct guy.  This is what makes this story even more curious!

Fair Isaac, if you remember, is the folks who created the FICO score on your credit report.  You know... the score that affects everything but never shows on your annual free credit gotta pay extra to find out the score that truly counts with the banks.  

It seems, if this man is truly James' father (AND I DON'T KNOW THAT YET), then maybe this is more about intimidation of Robert Holmes, or Senators who want to question him?  

Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - July 24, 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - July 24, 2012

8 Batz, 4 Vayeb, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to take place behind the facade of your world. The dark cabal's global banking system is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate, and a raft of banking CEOs is being forced to resign. Interpol and associated agencies are stepping up their investigations into the LIBOR scandal which now appears to have no clear boundaries, and indeed this operation is starting to threaten numerous governments in Europe and Asia with collapse. As the crisis grows, the BRIC nations and their allies are informing the cabal that its attempts to reinstate its electronic fiat currencies are banned forthwith. This is further exacerbated by a lack of available capital. The political situation in Europe and, shortly, in North America, is reaching a boiling point. Something has to be done swiftly, or the present economic construct is sure to collapse. The new economic system favored by the coalition of BRIC nations is now fully ready to be rolled out at a moment's notice, and pursuant to this, several nations in Asia have placed liens on a number of major western banks.

These developments are further complicated by the mounting turbulence in the Middle East and parts of South Asia, and this growing instability is also ready to boil over. Meanwhile, the interlocked financial crises in Europe and the rest of the world persist, and will remain unsolvable without vast banking reforms and global debt forgiveness. It is not a situation the world can just sweep under the proverbial rug, and this the dark cabal now realizes. As a result it knows that its power in the world is coming to an end. A series of events now underway will very shortly cause the downfall of the cabal, by first isolating its members and then removing them from power. This will bring in NESARA in North America and, like ripples in a pond, facsimiles of this act will spread across the globe. This new governance is to lead to the global liberation of humanity and the formal disclosure of our existence. Then we can begin the announcements that will transform your worldview and your reality forever!

As you approach this watershed moment, remember that a whole series of events needs to take place prior to disclosure. Our Earth allies fully comprehend what is now happening. The reality construct that has manipulated your lives and your world needs to collapse completely to permit the new system to take its place. This new system is currently being nudged into place by the same circumstances that are taking the old one down. This operation is happening at a very quick pace. The present system cannot sustain another extreme crisis, and such a crisis is very, very close at hand. Hence it was decided to put the new system clandestinely in place and wait for the right moment to reveal its constituent parts: new money, new banking, and new governance. The intention here is to allow the old system to be totally discredited and seen to be defunct, so that the general public will be disposed to welcome in the new. Our ships are monitoring all global flash points and will forestall the dark's usual tactics of solving problems by the use of warmongering and terrorism. This we will no longer permit!

South Korea's President Lee Myung-bak Gives National Apology; Brother Arrested For Accepting Bank Bribes

24 July 2012 Last updated at 03:24 ET 

South Korea's Lee Myung-bak in national apology
Mr Lee's apology came in a brief statement to the nation
South Korea leader's brother arrested

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has apologised to the nation over corruption investigations involving his brother and former aides.

"I bow my head and apologise for causing the public concern as a result of these incidents," he said in a short address on television.

His brother, Lee Sang-deuk, was detained by police on corruption charges earlier this month.

Mr Lee's five-year presidential term comes to an end in February.

Lee Sang-deuk, a former lawmaker for six terms and reportedly the president's political mentor, faces allegations of taking 600m won (£338,200; $525,000) in bribes from two savings banks to help them avoid an audit.

As the elder brother to South Korea's head of state, his arrest and possible trial could affect support for the ruling party in December's presidential elections, says the BBC's Lucy Williamson in Seoul.

There has been widespread anger over the savings bank scandal. Since the start of this year, South Korean regulators have closed 20 of the nation's weakest banks.

Many of them were so-called savings banks, which were created following the 1997 Asian financial crisis. There used to be more than 100 of these small regional lenders, which were either private or rural co-operatives.

However, a rising number of mortgage defaults in the country's lacklustre real-estate market following the 2008 financial crisis led many of these lenders to face capital and liquidity shortages.

In January 2011, the financial regulator began suspending operations of banks that did not have enough money.

Two of the troubled savings banks were Solomon Savings Bank, which was shut two months ago, and Mirae Savings Bank. Both allegedly made payments to the elder Mr Lee.

But prosecutors investigating the savings bank scandal allege the illegal activity goes much wider, and have indicted nearly 200 people, including politicians, lobbyists and bankers.
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