Monday, July 2, 2012

Gregg Braden - The 7 Essene Mirrors

This has been on my mind lately. Had a discussion with my brother how life seemed in some ways a hall of mirrors reflecting bits and pieces of ourselves back to us.  Usually the people who annoy us the most  show us the most about ourselves.  I wasn't aware of this video from Greg Braden (people still wear mullets?) but it really fits with what I have been noticing about myself and how I react to other people.  

Maybe it will stir a few thoughts in you, and why we need to be careful about judging others. Perhaps when we become judgmental we just get more mirrors reflecting it back at us until we get the point?

The time is now. That is what matters.

The time is now. That is what matters
Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 2, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Much is happening this day.  You know this.  You feel it.  Yet, because the media, which you do not trust, does not report it, you are in doubt.  This would bring chuckles to us, dear hearts, except for the fact that it does not serve you well at all.  If you cannot clear these doubts from your minds, at the least detach yourselves and watch with anticipation.

We are at the point now where the question of when has become irrelevant.  The answer to that is now.  Our concern is with thoroughness and safety.  You will have your confirmations soon enough.  The changes you have waited for so long are proceeding.  They may not appear in exactly the manner that you planned, but they will occur.

Given the opportunity to understand and to change their ways, a great many will do so.  It is likely that you also have contributed in some ways to the problems in the past.  Is that not so?  Allow others to see their errors now, as well.  The light of truth will cause many to say, “What have I done?”  That has already been happening across your world for quite some time.

Those who have consciously caused the harm are another matter, and they are being dealt with.  Your task, as we have repeatedly urged you, is to stay centered and calm, and to keep bringing love into the equation.

The increasing intensity of incoming energy will prove quite enough for most of you to deal with.  It will bring up quite a lot of things in your lives which have been dormant for long times.  Some of it you will not even recognize, as it is in your DNA from generations past.  It just needs to be looked at and released.  Some of it, however, you might be surprised to find quite amazing and desirable.  Feel free to keep and develop those things, if you wish.

The remainder of your year will become increasingly enjoyable now.  Problems there will be, but we are sure you have grown enough to handle them, and they will be far outweighed by the progress you will find, both inside and outside of yourselves.

There continue to be opportunities to reach out and help others.  If you are in a position to do so, please do.  If not, please send your prayers and love.  Take seriously now the effect your prayer and intention has upon the world.  As more of you learn this, the effect is strengthened even further.  Please see your efforts as joining and supporting each other.  Keep watch for every chance to send your love and light, just as we do.  Feel its effect.  Understand its power.  And importantly, give thanks for it.

And leave the days and hours to fend for themselves, dear friends.  They matter so little.  The time is now.  That is what matters.  When you look back, this all will have passed in the blink of an eye.  We offer, once again, our love and aid upon your call.  We are ever present with you.  Good day, dear friends.  Excellent day!

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Blossom Goodchild - July 2, 2012

Good day to you my friends. I have booked this time in with myself to speak with you, yet not sure if it will happen.  My minds in a bit of a whirl and it may be more appropriate to speak tomorrow … for some reason.  Anyway … Here I am … question is … are you there?

It, as always is of much joy to be present with you and to share our moments of insight with you and those who care to take them on board also.

So, upon your planet at this time there is much speculation with every passing tick of the clock as to whether or not the ‘showdown’ is to begin. We speak regarding the common displacement* of those who have surrendered their Being to that which does not serve themselves or indeed the whole. Those among you who lost their path … or may we say also … those that followed it. For as we have stated before … not all is as it seems and you may be very surprised  … as Truth is revealed …  to discover some differences of opinion you may have once thought … and when brought out in the open … certain matters will indeed have you changing your mind.

A lot of us got excited when you spoke last time about the second half of the year about to begin. Inside of me is that familiar rumbling that says ‘something is afoot’. We once again find ourselves on the edge of our seats. We are as always holding on to our hats, yet there is only a gentle breeze as opposed to a hurricane passing through.

Yet how is a hurricane first felt? The breeze becomes stronger and stronger … the wind picks up and gathers momentum. The core of the hurricane maybe far away to begin with … yet does a gale not begin to blow?  

Dearest ones … our friends … within these changing times it is of vital importance to ‘keep your wits about you’. Do what makes sense TO YOU! Do not follow like sheep the immediate reaction of those who would care to dupe.

Meaning what exactly? Can you enlarge on that, so we know what to look for?

It is not what to look for … it is what to FEEL for. In your world you have a saying ‘I smell a rat’ do you not? Well, we suggest to you that you keep your senses heightened.  For even though the changes are coming in a dramatic sense … there will still be underlying  ...

You are making me look at that word differently … as in ‘under – lying’ As in lying going on underneath it all … if that makes sense?

That is what we were asking you to pick up on. Within the confusion there will be those who will try their hardest to resume their status and in this way and in their usual habit … they will do their very best to convince those who are ‘clueless’ ... with all respect … that what is being presented as a Truth  … is not the Truth.
We do not wish to concern you … we only wish to prepare you. We must reiterate there is much confusion to come.



SaLuSa, July 2, 2012

The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place. Your rights are such that you have the authority to remove those who have committed acts of treason against you. These are clearly very necessary steps to allow important changes to take place that will move you on to the next phase in the plan. There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening. Certainly with an announcement that is intended to set peoples minds at rest, we expect the media to pick up on it. There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored, and we know that there will be a mixed reception to it. However, we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone's interests to restore world peace. It will go worldwide and beyond any attempts of the dark Ones to gag it.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light will for a time continue to work in the background, but look for the first opportunity to introduce disclosure. It not only covers our history of working for you and with you, but also the general interest shown in your evolution over a period of thousands of years. However, it will give us the chance to present some of the different civilisations that you are to meet. All will have some link to you if only to have had a hand in your genetic evolution. At a soul level we are all the from the Source, but have travelled different paths according to our choice of experience. Differences between us do therefore exist but we are all evolving like you except that some souls are at higher levels than others.

In leaps and bounds you will quickly find yourselves being elevated to the next stage in your upliftment. Many of you have already been primed for a new way of life, and it will set you up for your return to the higher realms that will come with Ascension. A wonderful fulfilling life awaits you which will seem like heaven after your experiences in duality. You will not only understand how energy comes into your lives, but also how to use to use it for your needs. The emphasis will be put on the different ways it can be used, and not least of all as a means of space travel.

How Transformation is Initiated During a Oneness Meditation

How Transformation is Initiated During a Oneness Meditation
By Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.

“In this year, the whole entire goal is to push as many people as possible into Awakened states, and people who are in Awakened states, push them into Awakening. That’s the whole goal of our work.”
- Doug Bentley, Senior Guide, Oneness University

The Oneness Meditation was released at the beginning of 2012, to assist with the planetary shift in consciousness. It originated from the Oneness University, and is part of a global phenomenon that is taking many forms. The Oneness Meditation brings you and your community the experience of Oneness—One Love, One Consciousness, One with all that is. It is helping to start a chain reaction that creates a critical mass for a shift towards setting all of humanity totally free.

Please watch this short video to understand how this meditation activates a person’s kundalini (life force energy or Holy Spirit) to push them into Awakened states and full Awakening.

The Oneness Movement is working in a big way to help 70,000 people Awaken by the end of 2012. With this many fully Awakened people on earth, a field will be fixed into mass consciousness that will make Awakening automatic for everyone over the next several decades. In two generations children will start to be born Awakened and the transformation of humanity will blossom fully as suffering ends.

Not only will you help your own personal transformation by attending Oneness Meditations, you’ll help heal your family and your planet as well.

Here is link showing the dates and locations of Oneness Meditations being held in the US and Canada:

You can also participate in Oneness Meditations that are streamed on-line by visiting this link showing a global calendar of Oneness Meditations webcasts:

Please view this previous article for more detailed instructions on how to get the most out of a Oneness Meditation webcast:

Please help evolve humanity’s consciousness as smoothly as possible during this incredible transition. Getting as many people as possible to experience the grace, freedom & bliss of an Awakened State is critical for brining higher consciousness to the challenges of moving into the new paradigm we are creating. The Oneness Meditation is a gift from the Divine to help everyone have a direct, personal experience of the Truth: knowing love is all that is. Please encourage your friends to join you when you attend a Oneness Meditation or view one on-line.


Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Oneness Trainer

Humanity is Going Through the Wringer Right Now

July 1, 2012 by John Smallman

Humanity is going through the wringer right now, as all your unresolved issues come up for recognition and release.  This is a very intense moment in your spiritual evolution and you are receiving enormous help from the spiritual realms. Intend to recognize and release all your issues, remembering that you all do have issues that you need to deal with, some of which lie hidden well below the surface of the semi-conscious state of awareness that you have chosen to experience while you remain chained to the illusion.

It is uncomfortable to address issues that you have chosen not to acknowledge. Nevertheless, you have abundant and unfailing spiritual assistance to help you with this task that must be accomplished before your awakening.  As you face them, and refuse to be discouraged by any fear that may arise, you will discover that there truly is nothing about them to fear, and that just facing and acknowledging them is enough to allow you to release them quite painlessly. What you keep hidden from yourselves frightens you; when you open up and observe, then your fears dissolve as you realize that in truth there is nothing to fear

Fear is an obstacle to love.  It is an obstruction, a veil, a fog that hides love from you, and it tends to be attached to the issues that, over the eons, you have invented and then failed or forgotten to address and release.  The help available to you now, as you open to the divine field of Love surrounding you, will ensure that they are completely dissolved as you release them, so that you can feel the brilliance of the Love field embracing you and lighting your way Home.
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