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Project Camelot: David Icke Interview

I'm not sure why the YouTube session I had up started playing this video, but its certainly a good one and though it was done in 2009, still very much valid today.  Lots of things happen that way to me lately, so I am going with it.

Possible Explanation for Ascension Transformation

This is speculative, but a possible explanation of how ascension happens in 3D.  I never did like the idea of some who said humans we were going to a silicon based body, silicon simply does not produce the varieties of compounds carbon does.  Life if anything favors diversity.  In our current reality Carbon 7 and Carbon 8 only last for a tiny amount of time, but that might be a function of our lower energetic state.  Our knowledge of the mechanics of this change are very limited.

I think many people got the idea of silicon from the well publicized idea that our bodies will become crystalline (capable of photonic interaction) and many people are very familiar with quartz crystals. Keep in mind diamonds are carbon and are crystalline. Crystalline does not preclude carbon as the basis of life in 5D. 

The explanation below does fit Metatron's cube which is central to sacred geometry.  -AK

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Scientific evidence that we are moving from carbon-base to crystalline-base.


The SUN has begun radiating new particles. Upcoming change within the human DNA is a guarantee. Whether it happens from neutrinos that are emitted by the sun, by some cosmic ray blast from Sirius a or b or other means.

Scientific Evidence

David Sereda has been working diligently in this area of science. According to Sereda, since 2006, scientists have been noticing a difference in the decay rates in nuclear particles, which had been consistently reliable in previous years.

What does this mean? It isn't typical to see such a drastic change in these decay rates. Scientists are seeing a change of 1/10th of 1% in these particles, which was previously unheard of and is unexplainable at this moment. When a particle speeds up, it means it's radiating more energy. This includes the energy and particles within our own bodies. Studies on DNA have indicated that even very weak changes in the energy field can cause profound changes in our DNA.

Sereda went on to state that because our children are in a rapid growth stage, they are going to receive more of this change than the adults.

Our Sun will reach a solar maximum in 2013. In the meanwhile, it is emitting high energy photons that can literally affect our consciousness, as evidenced by the global awakening that's going on right now. It's certainly not a coincidence that these energies are bringing in a wave of spiritual consciousness that demands truth and desires the best for humanity.

SaLuSa, May 30, 2012

SaLuSa, May 30, 2012

The way matters are shaping up, it is likely that Disclosure will occur later than we would have liked. There could be a point reached when we will have to wait for the governmental changes to first take effect. Do not worry however, as we have always allowed for such possibilities. One thing you can be sure of is that all changes we have promised you that will take place before Ascension, will be duly completed. Clearly afterwards there is so much more to follow, to totally change your present way of life to on that is fitting of Galactic Beings. 

For quite some years we have been preparing you for the inevitable end of the cycle. Through us and many other sources you have been made aware of your true destiny, and in such a way that you have had a goal to set your sights upon. Without it the end times would have been a frightening prospect for so many people whereas it is seen for what is, as an opportunity to leave the cycle of rebirth. Not only that, the continuance of life takes place in the higher dimensions. 

There are still many souls who cannot grasp the significance of Ascension, but be assured there will be much attention given to ensuring that the truth is publicized. Many inwardly know already, but it is a matter of waking them up to it. Therefore it should come easy for them to accept the truth, and its promise of a New Age, indeed a Golden Age. Your development has been guided to grow at a pace that allows for steady progress, but at each step you have had to deal with the attempts of others to lead you off the path of truth. You were not supposed to realize your potential, and held back so as to make you dependent on others for your knowledge. Thus religion and politics have largely dominated your lives, for their benefit rather than yours. 

You had no one to turn to who could guide you to the truth, until you were encouraged to look within. Slowly but surely you became discerning and followed your intuition, even if it went against accepted teachings. This way you created a new path for yourselves that lifted up your level of consciousness. You became an independent thinker and found the truth within. Gradually the consciousness levels of Mankind increased, attracting more Light to Earth and speeding up the vibrations. So here you are today rapidly rising to a point where you are ready to ascend, with many Guides influencing your thinking to carry you through the experience. 

Love Will Be the Guiding Power and Authority

Love will be the guiding power and authority

When changes of such magnitude and significance as are starting to occur all across the world become known and are made public, it is to be expected that a certain amount of confusion and anxiety will arise.  Do not be concerned, but continue to hold your Light on high as you offer solace and compassion to those who are anxious or unnerved by what they see happening.  Help them to understand the significance of what is occurring, and explain that clarity of purpose and intent in all relationships (personal, governmental, international), as well as peace, harmony, and abundance are to replace dishonesty, conflict, and scarcity that have plagued you for so long.
As honesty and integrity, with concern and general thoughtfulness for others, continue to sweep through humanity, much will be brought to light that has been hidden from you by those in positions of power and authority as they followed self-serving agendas to protect and enrich themselves and their cronies.  There will be widespread amazement and shock as information disclosing the many “irregularities” perpetrated in the name of “public security” and the “wars” on terrorism, drugs, crime, cancer, poverty, and many others is made public.
Those responsible will no longer be allowed to hold office, and they will be replaced by people of incontrovertible integrity so that the whole corrupt system that causes so much suffering for so many can be replaced by a totally new system that is simple, honest, and transparent.  As all the information that has been withheld from you is brought out into the open via the media – initially the alternate media – there will undoubtedly be a public outcry against those responsible for bringing about this unconscionable state of affairs.

Power and Place: Dr. Wildcat
on Rights of Mother Earth

Dr. Daniel Wildcat
Power and place: Dr. Wildcat on Rights of Mother Earth
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Watch video below

HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY, Kansas – Dr. Daniel Wildcat encouraged a new dialogue, based on spirit, power and place, and a renewal of the ancestral ways of life, during the Rights of Mother Earth Gathering.

“Our power resides in the landscapes and seascapes that we call home," Wildcat said at the gathering which continues the efforts of Bolivian President Evo Morales and the World Peoples Conference on the Rights of Mother Earth and Climate Change held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 2010.

Dr. Wildcat, Ph.D., Yuchi member of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma and professor at Haskell Indian Nations University, was a featured speaker and organizer of the Rights of Mother Earth Gathering, April 4 -- 6.

Wildcat shared the importance of speaking from a power of place, a power of spirit.

Quoting Henrietta Mann, Northern Cheyenne, when she was a visiting teacher at Haskell, Wildcat said the struggle is to be competent beings.

“We are born spiritual beings, we know that. What are we struggling with? We are struggling to be competent beings.”

“We speak from the heart. We speak from the spirit.”

Wildcat remembered the words of Vine Deloria, Jr., about power and place and how this produces personality.

“Let’s play to our strength. What is our strength? Our spiritual center of who we are as Indigenous Peoples," Wildcat said.

“Our power resides in the landscapes and seascapes that we call home.”

Pointing out the power of place of the White Mountain Apache and Dine,' Wildcat said, “Wisdom sits in places, let’s grab that.”

Wildcat also described the dichotomy between nature and culture. “Everyone in this room has spoken in their own way.” He said this is the beauty of the unique tribal identities as expressions of homelands and what has been given. The Creator gave stories of emergence, songs and ceremonies.

“Our cultures reflected that.”

While discussing the Rights of Mother Earth, he said that cultural diversity must be acknowledged along with biological and ecological diversities. This is what gives Native people their identities. Others must acknowledge the cultural diversity that has given Native people their unique tribal and cultural identities.

Today's movement is the renewal of old ways and practical knowledge in the world we live in today, without wanting to go back in time. He urged moving away from linear thinking that looks at life in terms of past and future time lines.

The focus should be on moral and spiritual ecology, which includes human communities -- human communities within ecosystems. He pointed out that in the northwest, coastal people learn by being out on the water, out on the river.

It is important to acknowledge that we are one small part of it all. However, humans look in the mirror and think they are building something called progress and destruction.

Urging everyone to become part of this renewal, he said, “There’s work for everyone here.”

Native people will not walk away from inalienable responsibilities. Although others are after Native peoples water, land and forests, he said it is important to discover a new discourse.

Quoting Oren Lyons, Wildcat said, “Be careful about the words you use. We don’t have a word for resources.” When Native people refer to the land, trees and human life around us, they speak of relatives and relationships.

The ongoing discourse, he said, is about living well and respectively with relatives in relationships. “We move from rights to responsibilities; we move from resources to relatives.”

“We want to talk about resilience of new systems, restoration of indigenous systems, where people understand we are one small part of this complex web of life.”

This is Indigenous realism, not romanticism, he said.

Referring to formal education, he said this is only one way of knowing. There is also experiential learning. “We don’t have to learn through controlled experience.”

“We are in the belly of the beast. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have the opportunity to make change.”

Wildcat pointed out that the Haskell Indian boarding school here once had a jail that incarcerated children for speaking their language.

"Look at where we are now. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work."

Listen below to Dr. Wildcat’s talk at the Rights of Mother Earth Gathering:

Recorded by the Indigenous Environmental Network and Earthcycles.

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Vatican Says Trust in Church Hurt by Scandal

By Philip Pullella
VATICAN CITY | Mon May 28, 2012 2:05pm EDT

(Reuters) - The Vatican, engulfed in the worst crisis in Pope Benedict's papacy, on Monday denied Italian media reports that cardinals were suspects in an investigation into leaks of sensitive documents that led to the arrest of the pope's butler.

But while denying the reports, which said the butler was merely a courier in a behind-the-scenes struggle for power in the Holy See, the Vatican acknowledged that the often sordid affair would test the faith of Catholics in their Church.

The scandal exploded last week when - within a few days - the head of the Vatican's own bank was abruptly dismissed, the butler was arrested over leaks and a book was published alleging conspiracies among cardinals, the "princes of the Church".

Documents leaked to journalists allege corruption in the Church's vast financial dealings with Italian business.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told a news conference: "This is naturally something that can hurt the Church, and put trust in it and the Holy See to the test."

Italian newspapers, quoting other whistle blowers in the Vatican, said the arrested butler was merely a scapegoat doing the bidding of more powerful figures, punished because the Church did not dare implicate cardinals behind the leaks.

"There are leakers among the cardinals but the Secretariat of State could not say that, so they arrested the servant, Paolo, who was only delivering letters on behalf of others," La Repubblica quoted one leaker as saying.

The Secretariat of State is run by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the pope's powerful right-hand man, and the scandal appears to involve a struggle between his allies and enemies, reminiscent of Renaissance conspiracies inside the Vatican.

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