Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Wholeness Blessing ... Shine Your Divine

A short video from GW Hardin on the Wholeness Blessing.

I was joking with GW about the choice of voice for Michael in this video, sounds a bit like the some TV SciFi villains, got me thinking about the SG1 crew of Stargate.  But other than that a great video.  Just what does an angel sound like? I really don't know!  The important thing is the message.

I hope I can go and see this seminar, if only to meet GW in person for once. If I go will I shed my anonymity? Nah.... Its going to be a busy and hectic summer for me and everyone else!

For more information on the Wellness Blessing Seminar see:

Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 132

Channelings and words of inspiration

The manuscript of survival – part 132
May 8, 2012

Today will mark the passage into a new part of this transformational process, as you will all be exposed to a new level of ”radiation” to call it that. Let us explain. As you have probably understood well by now, you are brought up in vibration notch by notch, and although this process has been going on for many years for some of you, now the time has come to really start speeding you along in this evolutionary process. The reason for this is a simple one, as you first had to be exposed to the lower levels in order for your physical body to be able to readjust itself after each new period of treatments. But now, you have all become sufficiently hardened to be able to withstand the massive doses you are about to receive, and these doses will have far reaching consequences indeed. Let us just say that all of these preliminary rounds have in many ways been only testruns for what is to come, and now, after extensive testing and calibration, you have all been deemed as ready to go to the next level. So you see, even if you do feel ready to fall to pieces at the moment, you are in fact far, far stronger than you have ever been, and it is only the limitations of your mind that will hold you back from literally trusting yourself and leaning on your own full powers with all of your weight. But now the time has come to really test you and stretch your limits beyond what you could ever think was possible. This may sound frightening, but again, we would never, ever expose you to anything that could be harmful to you in any way.

Outcry Against Banking Practices
with Michael Tellinger

MP3 of the Above Video Courtesy of Kauilapele's Blog:
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The Health Benefits of Raw Food Enhanced Diet

A good friend of mine in South Africa forwarded this video to me.  Its worth watching.  Its a TV news report about a Florida woman that started eating  a raw vegetable diet and how at 75 she looks like she's 35.  The comparison to her retired meat butcher husband is rather striking!

I am not a vegan, I do eat meat. I eat less of it than I used to. I've never eaten much pork and since the mad cow scare during my work stay in Britain in 1989 I haven't trusted beef.  The difference between European beef and American beef is we tend to get our meat from much younger cows - which means if they do have BSE they never get old enough to show it - that doesn't mean its not being passed on to humans via brain and nerve tissues.  I tend to chose lamb, fish and poultry over beef - unless I know the beef is organically raised and fed. If I was smart I'd buy a side of beef from my cousin's ranch in Montana. I started transitioning to a diet containing much more raw vegetable diet, salads, fruits and a lot of sprouts in 2010.  After my battle with MRSA in 2009 (I got it from some polluted beach water) and recovering from it, I had some cell damage internally (it got into my blood stream) and on my ankles. I've not had a recurrence of MRSA, I've been more fortunate than many. I did some reading about phyto-nutrients and  their importance for cell repair and vitality. As adults our need for energy rich foods to fuel growth decreases and we have more a need to maintain our cellular integrity against aging and oxidation. I also read about the need for soluable silica for forming cell walls, and I had a lot of skin damage.  I drank gallons of Fiji bottle water for a few months as its naturally high in silica content, coming from a volcanic island.  

I am not talking about eating wheat, pasta and potatoes, that's a good way to get fat and end up on insulin.  In moderation they are fine, but some of the starches being engineered into modern GMO wheat will, by design, make you obese.  The Diabetes industrial complex is a money making venture. Glucose meter test strips are a dollar per strip. And it starts with making you diabetic through high fructose corn syrup, too much standard sugar, and GMO wheat and potatoes.  Also high fat diets stress the pancreas, your pancreas secrets both insulin and fat digestive substances.  Stress the pancreas and you will have problems. Most people don't realize the pancreas does more than just supply insulin, it works very closely with the liver in the metabolism of fats.

Sunlight is good for the body, when not taken to extremes. Researchers have found that sunlight causes Vitamin D to form which modulates the immune system, which prevents things like the flu. That's why its rare to get the flu in the summer - the germs are still out there - they don't disappear when the seasons change.  Our grandparents encouraged us kids to go outside and get fresh air and sunshine, they intuitively knew it was good for us.  Today we coat our kids in sunscreen and sunglasses, preventing vitamin D formation and blocking the natural horomones in the brain that result from sunlight striking the retina of the eye. 

I have found that my energy goes way up when I stick to a diet high in raw vegetable content. I've also noticed that I don't enjoy eating a heavy meal of meat like I once did, and I can't tolerate liver at all anymore.  The change towards more fresh greens and sprouts has caused my skin to heal and seems to be getting younger. Sun damage from my youth in the Arizona desert is going away!  Cell regeneration! I have never had skin cancer and I did everything wrong the experts say to avoid concerning the sun, including tanning!  Cancer results when the body cannot protect itself from oxidation and DNA damage which is usually caused by a weakened immune system.  Sunlight does age skin and I had some discoloration pigment on my skin, but that is changing.
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