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Calling All Crop Circle Decoders!

This crop circle represents the Star Gate in the Antares System.  How we got this image is pretty strange.  My friend has a protege who had a red thumb drive (USB Flash Drive) disappear from a locked drawer. He couldn't find it anywhere.

He was having lots of strange electrical activity in his home only to find out his airconditioner went out.  Upon going outside to check on his air conditioner, his red thumb drive had reappeared hours later (teleported?), standing on the ground next to the air conditioner.  

When he picked it up and took it inside, his air conditioner resumed operation.  From prior experiences, he has learned to leave such things for a few hours so that these strange electrical energies have time to dissipate.   Good way to fry a computer if one is not careful.

When he examined the thumb drive it had the original files along with three additional images.   One was a picture of the Antares Star System, this crop circle image represents the Antares Stargate, there is another symbolic earth esoteric image (not yet released).   The thumb drive has again disappeared and we are awaiting what new information will come.

There are some pretty good crop circle decoders out there on the internet, perhaps some read this blog?  Anyway if you have any insights on the embedded math and encoding in this crop circle please leave a comment on this post for everyone.

PS: I think this is something to do with the Event coming up in May or June. Cobra has mentioned several times the "Antarion Conversion" (from Antares?) and the "An Conversion" being a direct energy transfer from Source.  I don't claim to know how this fits. this is an evolving story.  You will recall about a month ago a triangle shaped star gate appeared on our Sun.  So geometry plays a big role in all this.

Updated: Event Timeline for Rest of 2012

I found this on Kauilapele's blog today, its interesting how so many pieces are coming together at the same time to make a whole picture of what is about to transpire. -AK

Sheldan Nidle Webinar Notes…”Schedule of events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012″

I saw this posting, somewhere, a couple of days ago, and did not “get” to post this until now. Please use discernment, as always, for dates can change. However, my own sense is that this is accurate. The Divine Time Line is set, and will not be delayed any longer. The second photo below gives dates information beyond the summer.
This data obtained from Sheldan Nidle Webinar #26 April 22, 2012.

Mid-Spring, 2012

* Mass Public Arrests
* Proclaim New Banking System
* New Governance in Power
* UFO Disclosure

Summer, 2012

* Trial Dates Set
* Release of Secret Technology
* New Business and Financial Infrastructure in Place
* Meetings With Earth-based Members of Space and  Spiritual  families

The following two items were not from Kauilapele's blog, a reader who was at the seminar and took notes sent these:

Autumn, 2012

* Agarthans Meet Surface World
* Abundance is Common Place
* Prepare For Full Consciousness

Rest of 2012

* Complete Major Reforms
* Clean Gaia's Air, Water & Soil
* First Contact Announcements
* Ascended Masters Manifest

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Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity
posted at Portal 2012

Window of Opportunity for divine intervention is about to open on planet Earth. The entry point of that window is World Liberation Day on May 5th. The turning point for that window is the Solar Eclipse on May 20th. The exit point of that window is the Venus Transit on June 5th. While this window is open, the Source will be sending constant flashes of Light directly to Earth through linear phasar flow direct dimensional translation system of AN conversion.

This time window is the most probable time frame for the Event. I can give you no guarantees that the Event will happen within this time frame, as we live in free will universe and the war between Light and Dark on this planet is not over yet. However, this Window of Opportunity is exatly that - a great opportunity that we as a collective make this breakthrough.

Complexity wave analysis shows that this time frame is the most complex period in the known history, surpassing even the famous December 21st, 2012. This means that it will be the most volatile, unpredictable time with greatest potential ever. All the major players are involved and stakes are high.

Posted by Cobra at 2:21 AM

World Liberation Day Video

Spring Forward, May Brings Many Changes

I've received a lot of unusual information today.  I feel like I am in the eye of an information hurricane that is about to hit in May.  Got this from a somewhat obscure source, claims to be ex-Illuminati   advanced degree Freemason with contacts in the Chinese Dragon Family, so I'll just say that up front.

I don't know this person outside of the emails I got.   I'll just post it and let you all digest this information, I think Cobra at Portal 2012 has pretty much already prepped us as to what to expect, this might help explain the why of the May 5 mass meditation on World Liberation Day.

It has been a while since we have spoken. Things have been quite intense and draining on ones system.

So here goes:
This month will continue its course. It has been a murky and cloudy month. Tensions and efforts have been misdirected or muted. Energies have been haywire....this will continue for a few days into May.
 May will be a defining time for the human race. There is a period of time that is Astronomically important...I mean that quite literally. From May 8th through May 20th there will be energies coming to us from many directions. But these energies are of positive sychronicity. We will have 12 days to prepare for what will be coming up. As a human race we will dive into very intense personal discussion on some very key topics. Events will be unfolding in such a manner that heartfelt discussion will be the only option.
In the upcoming weeks you will see a rapid transition of the economy. I think it might be frightful to many people, as change always is. There will be an immediate desire to accept the new changes by many as well. These are the ones who have ears....and listen.

******(side comment) American, in the upcoming month I feel it important to inform you that you must stay diligent and steadfast. It is going to get crazy. Keep your cool and wits about you. This is not only a month of change for the outward, but many conflicts in the realm of "GOD" will come into play. I use that term loosely. Basically the things that make "you"...."you" will be challenged. Keep rooted.

This is where everyone (including myself) can finally participate. I feel so hopeless at times to help the progression of what is coming. I am humbled often by the knowledge that while I am is every other cog in this clock called Earth. I so very badly want to make public the things I know, but that is not my place. It is however my place to share with you what I can.

The American Dollar will end. I will not give a specific time or date. I have reason to suspect it will be this month. I cannot disclose how this will come about. Do know that it is very complicated and a work in progress. Luckily with the end goal of being rid of fiat dominance.....most everyone is on board. I have a feeling that this will soon be talked about very openly. The media will not truly know how to cover this time of news. Mainly because they haven't reported news for a while now. This is where you and many others come in.

During all this turbulence, light will guide the way. There are many people out there who have amazing ideas, thoughts and concerns about the direction of our world. There are many people who also do not. This is where the beauty of the human spirit comes into play. While this part of our history plays out. It is up to each "cog" to fulfill its role. You may think that to ignite change you need a "movement". This is a farce. To ignite change it starts at the heart level. This light that forms will radiate in a very large diameter. When you accept what you know to be true: "All is Love". This light will become palpable to those around you feeling scared and confused. The human heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body. May is a month of the human heart.

There is a call to charge for those who have been awakened to the current state of humanity. It is your stand and deliver. Keep open discourse with loved ones, close ones or anyone who listens. Trust me...these people often referred to as "sheeple" have such an immense desire for truth and reassurance. This is where us "good guys behind the screens" come in.

Keep mindful the news that comes out in May. This is a delicate issue. Know that truly this is the Era of the Golden Age. Darkness cannot escape light in a cornered room. That is where we are now.

May 20th is an eclipse. This will be a very important day for many reasons. You are witnessing the rapid evolution of the human race and its vessel Gaia. I speak in terms of the evolution of the physical and spiritual. Watch the behavior of the Sun. Its poles are acting quite strange. The end result being quite spectacular indeed.

Love and Light,

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if Netherlands Quits

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